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Moon Glow on my sewing table 3/7/2015

Moon Glow on my sewing table

I took Moon Glow out of the drawer last night.  Month 12 is all about the alternative blocks.  There are about 20 different kinds of fabrics used.  I pulled them out of the kit and labeled which fabrics they were.  To do this, I first laid out my bags of fabric that were used in previous blocks and compared them with the fabric I received for this month.  I took all those out and put them in their respective bags.  Then I went through the list and any fabric with a similar name that I had the same fabric line but a different color way I looked at the bag for that fabric and matched it with the new fabric.  It sounds weird written out.  For example, I would have (because I already used it in a previous block) a fabric called Hens and Chickens-Jade.  In this kit, I have a fabric called Hens and Chickens -Azure.  They aren’t the same fabric but they have the same design just in a different color way.  So it was easy to figure those out.  I marked them up and put them in their own little bags.  Then I had 3 left after those two things that I needed to figure out.  On my list I had Daisy Texture-Blue, Filigree-Slate Green, and Water-Lapis.  In my hand I had two blues and a green.  I matched up the green to Filigree-SlateGreen pretty easily.  Then there were the last two blues.  For those two I had to use the picture.  And that’s how I matched them up.  It sounds really complicated as I’m writing it all up but while I was doing it, it was pretty intuitive and something everyone probably goes through.  But at the beginning of a new month, new block – I take out the fabric and enjoy looking at them.  Afterwards, sometimes, I get overwhelmed with trying to figure out what each fabric is on the list, especially with the massive amount for Month 12.  Until I remember how I organized myself the previous month.  And maybe there is someone out there who has never done this, or gets overwhelmed like me, and could use this process all typed out. 🙂 If I’d already detailed this process – don’t mind me, I’ve already determined my memory is shot.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to work on Moon Glow at all today.  After I post this blog, I’ll be playing on Bailey.  I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know how it goes.  I have a yoga class to run to and then later this afternoon, I’ve got a baby shower to go to.  So it’s not play all day for me today. I’m hoping that will be tomorrow.

Happy quilting, my friends!



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