Stash Report – Week 14, 2015

I’m back! The last two weeks have been a blur of family activities and now we’re back to the regular way of life (whatever that is).  In any case, there are no travel plans until June and that hasn’t been finalized so it may just be a staycation.  Who knows with us?  First the stash report and then a little update on life as it is.  The stash report is easy – nothing finished so nothing used.  I touched the sewing machine here and there while I was home but no hand projects were done at all.  I took some with me just in case but they were not touched at all.  Despite my best efforts I only made it to one of the quilt shops I planned on going to these last two weeks.  And even though I planned on adding a boatload of fabric only 6 yards came home with me.  I did not have a project in mind so I was just going through the clearance section and then finding fabric here and there.

Used this week: 0 yards
Used year to Date: -26.25 yards
Added this week: 6 yards
Added Year to Date: 35.75 yards
Net Added for 2015: 9.5 yards

I do not know what it is.  I really allowed myself to buy 10 yards but didn’t make it that far.  Here are my theories:

  1. My fabric bins are full.  (this has never stopped me before so this is probably only a little bit of the reason. 🙂
  2. I’m tracking fabric and I was prior to this purchase very close to being even for the year.
  3. The local quilt show is coming up in a month and I’ll be spending money then so I didn’t want to spend too much now.
  4. Also – the quilt run is coming up in June and I’ll be spending a ton of money then too.
  5. My fabric buying mood is moving towards buying fabric for projects in mind rather than buying fabric because I love fabric.  I think instead of having a goal to track fabric – which I’ve been doing great at over the last two years and probably do not need to list it as an annual goal anymore – is to switch it to buying fabric for projects in mind.  That way – when I see a fabric I like for a particular project, I know how much yardage I need, etc.  Does anyone do this?  How do you do it?  I think it will need more tracking on my part and I wonder if someone has a good technique to do this.

The shop I ended up at was Quiltique in Vegas.  Because of timing I wasn’t able to go to any shops in Northern California.  I attempted to visit Intrepid Thread in Milipitas but their hours recently changed and they were closed when I went.  Quiltique is a nice, big, open shop with lots of different kinds of fabric.  They didn’t have the Vegas fabric I went looking for but they had other kinds of Vegas and casino fabrics.  I think they do a lot of classes there and they sell sewing machines as well.  I went to another quilt shop in Vegas in Feb, 2014 but I guess that shop is no longer open for business because now Quiltique is the only close one.  There was a second shop but I think it was 45 minutes away from the Strip.

Quiltique it's kind of dark, hope you can see it.

Las Vegas, NV

Fabric buys 3/31/15

Fabric buys

Fabric buy - Vegas Fabric 3/31/15

Fabric buy – Vegas Fabric

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~Have a quilty week!


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