So Cal Quilt Run 2015 – day 2

Loot: Fat Quarters! 6/19/2015

Loot: Fat Quarters!

Yesterday was day 2 of the SoCal Quilt Run.  On the way I listened to Hobbies up to Here podcast and was tickled pink when they mentioned me and my blog!  Thank you ladies!  I left work a little early and was able to hit the road with DD at about 1-1:30.  We were able to get to 5 shops before we called it quits and went to dinner at Tutto Fresco Fresh Italian in Orange.  Friday traffic hindered us but we just kept on going.  DD is such a trooper!

First Stop: Quilt n’ Things in Montrose

Quilt 'n Things Montrose, CA 6/19/2015

Quilt ‘n Things
Montrose, CA

Love this spot!  It looks like a great place to spend a morning or afternoon strolling down the street to visit the various shops.  There’s a tea room a shop or two over and DD and I love going to tea.  We generally go every month or so.  There’s also a cross stitch shop further down near Starbucks.  I haven’t cross stitched in years but I still got the project bins from the years I was doing it.  I plan to get back to that eventually.  There’s going to be a car show on 7/5 that I may just go with the family to.  But about the shop – the people were really nice and I believe this was the shop I purchased the corduroys from at PIQF or the show at Long Beach before the show moved.  I didn’t see any at the shop but I didn’t pay close attention to that as I didn’t remember the corduroy until later. I would definitely come again just to see if they had any more or what other interesting items they may have that I didn’t see.

Second Stop: New Moon Textiles in Pasadena

New Moon Textiles Pasadena, CA 6/19/2015

New Moon Textiles
Pasadena, CA

The parking is at the back of the shop so we entered from the back and it’s not as cute as a store front.  But this place was huge!  A lot of fabric and I noticed that the quilts on display were more of a modern bent using more solids.  They also have a lot of batiks.  I don’t know if I would call this a modern quilt shop though — just more modern than the other quilt shops we went to yesterday. Again, nice people looking to help us find the passport station.  DD and I were on a mission and I was resolved not to spend money so I tried not to look around too much and get tempted to the dark (but really fun) side. 🙂

Third Stop: The Sew N Sew in Glendora

Sew N Sew Glendora, CA 6/19/2015

Sew N Sew
Glendora, CA

Another cute and charming location that I would go to just to hang out and check out nearby shops. I absolutely loved this shop!  It had rooms after rooms after rooms of all different kinds of fabric.  It will probably take hours (or even days) to get through each room.  They had a bunch of bag making stuff that was larger than other quilt shops I’ve been to.  They had a ton of batiks!  And they had hot dogs and water in the front of the shop.  By this stop, it was really hot and the girl and I were not in the mood to walk around like we were in Montrose.  So we jumped in the car and jetted over to Cypress. 

Fourth Stop: Tranquility Quilt Shop in Cypress

Tranquility Quilt Shop Cypress, CA 6/19/2015

Tranquility Quilt Shop
Cypress, CA

At Tranquility, the shelves seemed kind of sparse as if they were closing or just went through a huge sale.  But they had a finished Moon Glow and I was super excited to see it.  I’m almost done with mine.  The inner top is done and I need to get the border on it.  I’ve been thinking about how I was going to quilt it so I inspected their Moon Glow to see how they quilted.  Lovely and now I’ve got a great idea on how I’m going to quilt mine!  The other quilt I found was a pumpkin or fall quilt.  They had a kit for $200 that I really wanted to buy but stopped myself.  First, I’ve got a whole bin of kits from the last 10 years that I’ve bought and haven’t started that I want to get to at some point.  Second, I do not want to buy anything!  Especially not something $200!

Fifth Stop: Orange Quilt Bee in Orange

Orange Quilt Bee Orange, CA 6/19/2015

Orange Quilt Bee
Orange, CA

I’ve been to this shop 4 or 5 times and I always find something to buy.  I like to look at their wool selection and their patterns.  I finally caved and bought this pattern:

bought from orange quilt bee  6/19/2015

bought from orange quilt bee

If this shop was closer to me I’d come here more often and buy a lot more.

Today is day 3 but the boy has his championship baseball game today and then the awards dinner with his team so I will be attending that and catching up on the work I didn’t do while I was out visiting the shops.  Will be back on the run tomorrow for day 4!

Happy Quilting Friends!


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  1. Looks like you made great time/mileage getting around! I fell in love with New Moon, Sew N Sew and Orange Bee. They all had a lot to offer and the people were super nice!

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