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I’m sure you are all bored with my little day to day progress on Celtic Solstice!  I’m sorry – I really want to jump to something else too just so I have something different to write about and something different to show you.  But I’m afraid if I do that it will be another long time before I get back to this again.  So here’s another Friday post … I’m continuing to piece the blue HST to the orange/yellow/white HST.
celtic solstice step 5 -  a ton of these 10/8/2015

celtic solstice
step 5 –
need to make a ton of these

I’m almost half way done!  Thank goodness its Friday!  I do have work to do this weekend but I’ll be working at my own pace and can sprinkle some quilty goodness between work stuff.

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Happy Quilting Friends!


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  1. Your Celtic Solstice block reminds me of candy corn, keep plugging away. The finished quilt is worth the time. Just think of that moment when you reach for “one more block” and find they are all sewn together.

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