Stash Report – Week 41, 2015

First, the stash report!  Nothing added, nothing finished…

Used this week: 0 yards

Used year to Date: -47 yards
Added this week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 90.08 yards
Net Added for 2015: 42.58 yards

That was easy.  For Celtic Solstice, I spent time cutting yesterday.  I did a fail.  But thought I was so cool.  I  need more blue triangles so I went through my various bins for blue fabric.  I started with Bin #3…  If you don’t remember, Bin #3 was fabric scraps that were less than 5×7.  You can see the details in the bottom of this post.  I actually found a couple of bits to use.  Then I went through Bin #4 and found a bit more blue fabric.  But I still didn’t have enough so I went through the yardage bins!  And since I had pulled them out sorted through them so that they were in color ways.  I was able to get all the blues in one bin.  It was a nice process and I felt reacquainted with my stash again.  I petted the beautiful fabrics.  I also recognize that in the blue bin, I’ve got way too many mediums and a lot of neutrals.  But not a ton of dark.  So, if I get the urge to buy fabric, its nice to know what to add to the stash rather than just go buy willy nilly.

Why was that a fail?  Well, I realized after I pressed and cut all the needed triangles, it hit me that I pulled all the fabric I needed for Celtic Solstice and put it in its own project bin.  So I looked in the bin and confirmed I had a lot more blue fabric in the bin waiting for me to retrieve.  I didn’t need to do everything I did and spend a lot of quilting time (read: the whole day) looking for blue fabric On a positive note, I got to take my fabric out, let it breathe as I sorted through them and petted them before putting them back into bins.  And they are divided in general color ways – Blue, Red/orange/yellow, green/purple/rainbow/panels, white/black/grey!    I don’t need more fabric, I’m trying to lay low at the LQS but, let’s be real, you know the urge will come so it’s nice to know what I should get to enhance my stash.

I didn’t have a chance to applique the ear on the dog last week for Raining Cats and Dogs – so that’s still on the to do list.

Raining Cats and Dogs Block 7 the collar is on next up - the ear 10/3/15

Raining Cats and Dogs
Block 7
the collar is on
next up – the ear


But, my mojo is on finishing step 5 of Celtic Solstice so it may just stay in it’s little cubby hole until my mojo swerves back to this little puppy!


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~Have a quilty week!


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