Living Simply Edition #8

I always believed that buying in bulk saved me money.  I am learning in this process of simplifying my life that in reality, when I think about it, I’m spending more to store them.  But I can’t throw them away cold turkey.  I already have the house to store them so I might as well keep them now I have them and not buy anymore until I need it.  I mean how many contact solution does a girl need?  I currently have 6 big bottles and 8 of the clear care type!  I think it takes me 3 months to use up 1.

On another note, the hubby is recognizing that I’m really trying to get rid of stuff.  He mistakenly thought this applied to my quilty and craft stuff as well.  Specifically he referenced my fabric.  I quickly corrected him.  Right now I’m focused on getting rid of the things I don’t use and do not bring me joy.  And fabric, friends, brings me joy.  So I will continue to have room for fabric.  That may change and evolve as I go through this process but for right now, it is what it is.




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  1. Husbands are slow learners, but he probably won’t make that mistake again. LOL Paul always said fabric made me happy and that made him happy. =) I try to have a backup of everything I use a lot. When I take the backup off the shelf, I write it on the list to buy another one. Some things, such as Peanut Butter, I have several backups, ’cause they can go awfully fast! Other things, like dishwasher soap, I just have one – and the dishwasher is not being used because it sounds so bad now! Still, a year’s supply of anything is probably enough. LOL

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