Living Simply Edition #11



I tried to go through the bookshelves.  I have a ton of books and some of it is from college days, some of it is from work stuff, some of it is great fictions that I felt I had to have (even though I have the e-version) and some of it is the kids’ books.

I had a hard time getting rid of anything.  It was much harder than my clothes and my shoes.  I was only able to get rid of any duplicates we happen to have.

First – I removed all the kids’ baby and youth books.  I kept their hard cover fiction books because I love how they look.  These are the Riordan series, Twilight series, Harry Potter, Divergent series, Ever series… etc.  These are the books that I’ve read while they read and enjoyed discussing with them.

Second – I removed all the paperbacks of books that I wasn’t in love with. I know that there are quite a few I removed that I love but didn’t have space for so I have to go through those again.

That’s all I’ve done so far.

Even though I said “removed” – I just took it off the bookshelf  and put it somewhere else.  So, it’s not really gone.  I physically get sick when I think of getting rid of any of those books. 🙁 Not sure what that’s about but I’ll have to work through it somehow.

So, the bottom two shelves on the left are looking good.  I should have taken a before picture but I forgot.  Here’s a pic of how it looks now.


I’m hiding the rest of the books in the bottom cabinet


and in another room



I think there are more in the garage… but I’ll deal with that when we unearth them.



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  1. I have a terrible time getting rid of books! I LOVE books, doesn’t matter what age group they are for. You mentioned several series that I’ve read and I have no children to read them with or discuss them. I just liked them! I could name a lot more, too. LOL If I have food and I have books, then I feel rich. Add fabric, and I’m a millionaire.

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