Gratitude Diaries: Day 6

I’m heading out to the Night Nation Run with some Gal Pals so I’m scheduling this to post while I’m out…

Saturday – the last few weeks have developed into a little routine here at my house.  I’m usually the first to wake at about 6am.  I know that’s ungodly early but during the week I’m waking up between 4-6am depending on the day and whether I’ve got to take the girl to cheer practice.  So, my body is used to it now.  I wake up at 6 and then I do a blog post for the day.  I work a bit because work is horrendous as we’re short staffed and I’m taking on part of someone else’s workload while we find her replacement.  So I take care of that and at some point, the boy wakes up.  He is usually the second person to wake up. He’s just like me in that we wake up early and generally without the help of an alarm clock.

So we have a little breakfast routine, where I boil the water for the coffee and he trails behind me talking my ear off about whatever he’s been thinking about.  I’ll fix stuff around the kitchen like refill the coffee ground container, remove empty containers in the coffee/tea shelf, etc. It’s nice.  And I relish the moment.  I’m grateful for this today and I stop and think about how great my kids are at this moment in time.  Both have promising futures.  They’re smart, they listen, they’re humble, they’re responsible, they love us, they love their life, and we have fun together.  Don’t get me wrong, the boy is a little weird.  And the girl is a teenager.  But all in all – they’re great kids and I’m a lucky mom to have them.




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