Gratitude Diaries: Day 7


What a nice relaxing Sunday!

Today, I’m grateful for Yoga.  I finally got back to the studio and while I’m back at the beginning level again, I know that in a matter of a few sessions I’ll be stronger and where I was a few weeks ago before I hurt my foot.  It’s hard to start back again, but once I’m doing it regularly I love it.  I know I’ll be sleeping better tonight because of it.

I’m grateful to the ladies (and Mark) who went out to the Night Nation Run last night with me.  It was a great experience and I hope we get to do more runs in the future.  I am so grateful to have a group of friends who are willing to try different experiences like this one.

And finally, I’m grateful to lifeasiinterpret who nominated me for a blogger award (One Lovely Blog Award)!  I’m so excited and really thankful to have been nominated.  I have to think about what I’m going to write up for it so it may take me a few days.  (Is there a timeframe?)  But it’s coming. 🙂


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