Living Simply Edition #14





I’ve missed two gratitude posts and my WIP Wednesday post.  This week is one hectic week.  Every night there has been and will be a scheduled thing and it’s throwing me off.  Tuesday evening, we went to a Meg Myers’ concert.  I didn’t know of Meg Myers until our friends asked if we would like to go with them.  While I didn’t enjoy standing around all night, or the group that came on before Meg Myers, I enjoyed the night completely.  The first band had great energy and I enjoyed it.  Meg Myers rocked it and I went on youtube so the girl could know how she sounds.  I don’t know what her kind of music is called.  We topped off the night with dinner at Roscoes Chicken and Waffles.  I hadn’t been to Roscoes in 15+ years and suddenly, this year, I’ve been there 3 times!  But it hit the spot.  By the time we got home, I didn’t have energy to do a gratitude post.  And since I haven’t done anything towards my quilty project this week, I didn’t have much to say on a WIP Wednesday post.  It didn’t help that I woke up late.

Yesterday, we attended Parent’s mass at the girls school in the morning and she had a short day.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t feeling well at all.  I was fighting the cold but it caught up to me and by Wednesday afternoon I laid in bed until dinner time, then dragged warm clothes on myself and took the girl to the premiere showing of Hunger Games 2.  It was exciting.  We loved it.  It was not a disappointment at all!  The whole Hunger Games series did not disappoint in terms of it getting the essence of the books.  I’m often (mostly) disappointed with any movie that is based on a book.  But the movie Hunger Games was on point.

Tonight, we’ve got the Clipper vs. Warrior game at Staples Center.  The hubby sold our tickets so we’ll be watching in the comfort of our own home.  Tomorrow, the girl got us tickets to watch the play at her school.  Then on Saturday I’ve got a sew in with the SFV Modern Quild Guild.  And on Sunday I’ve got another Clipper game that I’ll be taking a client to.  It’s just one busy week.

This post is supposed to be about Living Simply yet we’re so busy this week that it is really hard to live simply.  However, I’m reaping the benefits of all the decluttering and habits that I worked on prior to this week.  My office is clean.  My bedroom is clean.  It’s really nice to come home from whatever thing we’ve been at and go through the motions of putting stuff away.  In the mornings, I make sure the countertops in the bathroom are clear, I fix the bed and I make sure all my stuff is put away before heading to work (whether that is work at home or actually go to my office).  All of that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.  When I’m done with work, I clear my desk and if I’m at the office – head home, clear my desk at home, empty my purse, and go through any outstanding items that need to be gone through.  All of that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.  Every couple of days or so, I spend more time as I pay bills or take care of some things.  What I’m most impressed with is that even though I’m busy, I’m still doing all of that, and it has kept me sane.  It’s wonderful.  I am also not being too hard on myself.  As with anything, we try hard to do so many things and when life gets busy like this, sometimes its too hard.  So the stuff I can’t do – like getting to my gratitude posts or WIP Wednesday – I cut myself some slack and I move on.  There are a bit more stuff – like not eating right (hello waffles at midnight!) and not going to yoga, etc.  We will be heading into December and into the holidays so life is going to get even crazier as holiday events and to do items start piling up.  How can I incorporate living simply into the holidays?  I always have so much to do during the holidays that it is often difficult to enjoy them.  What can I do differently this year so that I can enjoy them?  I don’t know the answer to this now but I will ponder this question and maybe have some thoughts on this soon. 🙂

Have a great day everyone!







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  1. Wow, you did have a busy week! But with wonderful things going on. I hope your cold has gone quickly. I’ve been busy, too, but not with such exciting things!

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