Gratitude Diaries: Days 33 and 34

I am grateful for…

… today’s sew-in with the SFVMQG.  The best aspect of being a member of a quilt guild is the sew ins and the retreats.  I enjoy meeting individual members and getting to know everyone.  At sew ins I enjoy looking at everyone’s different machines and learning about what people’s tricks and tips are.  It was so much fun.

… gift certificates.  My LQS does a reward system where after you spend a certain amount of money, you get a gift certificate.  The last time I bought fabric (a few weeks ago for Hampton Ridge), I spent enough to get me a $25 gift certificate! 🙂 So at the sew in today, I used it to buy two rulers.  I want to start upgrading my rulers from Omnigrids to Creative Grid!

… pizza delivery night.  The kids and I are on our own tonight and we love pizza.  It’s so easy, so quick and easy to clean up. 🙂

Have a good evening!


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  1. I have one Creative Grids, but I really prefer the yellow lines on Omnigrid. My favorites, though, are the Cut for a Cure rulers. The lines alternate between pink and green, and I don’t mistakenly line up the wrong one! It sounds to me like you have many blessings. =)

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