This Weekend’s Laundry List

I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come quick enough.  This week I was sick and my Clippers lost and wow! were we busy!  I was off my game.  I missed my gratitude post too many times to count.  But now it’s the weekend.  I still have a lot to do but I have time and I’m feeling better but not 100%.  The goal is that by Monday, I’m back to my normal self and I can get back to my regular regime.

Today I’m off to the SFVMQG Sew In at my favorite LQS.  But first, I’ve got to get some studying done.

At the sew in, here’s my list for today:


  • Raining Cats and Dogs

    Raining Cats and Dogs 11/15/2015

    Raining Cats and Dogs

    – need to get that flower appliqued down.  and get a better picture to post.

  • Razzle
  • Design Floor Razzle 11/15/2015

    Design Floor

    I need to piece all the sashing together, piece the cornerstones, and get the rows all together.

  • Celtic Solstice
    Celtic Solstice Step 6 Block A 6 done 10/17/2015

    Celtic Solstice
    Step 6
    Block A

    — If I get bored with Razzle, I’ll be bringing Celtic Solstice along so I can get some more of these blocks done.

— Here’s to a great day!


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