Gratitude Diaries: Days 35

I am grateful for…

… being open to try new things and flexible to altering my Sunday schedule.  I took a client to watch the Clipper game today but my colleague is a die hard Redskins fan.  She had to watch the 10:30 football game but we still needed to make it to the basketball game by 12:30 tip off to meet our client.  So we decided to get to Staples Center early, watch the football game at a local sports bar (Tom’s Urban) and head over to the Clipper game at 12:20.  It was perfect and I was able to hang out at a sports bar on a Sunday morning.  It’s a very interesting vibe.

… the Clippers lost but we enjoyed our time with our client and had the opportunity to scope out other venues inside Staples Center to take clients to.

… all you can eat sushi dinners!  As much as possible, we have dinner with the family.  Sometimes we have dinner really early when one of us has evening appointments but we still try to make it work.  Sometimes it isn’t possible.  But we try.  Tonight we splurged and went to an all you can eat sushi spot that we absolutely love.  We learned that ordering at an all you can eat spot is different than ordering at our regular sushi spot.  If you ever try it, do not order normal filler stuff like California rolls or tempura.  Order the specialty rolls and the things you love.  My family loves Sushi Sashimi (or the sushi rolls if they don’t have sashimi), Baked Mussels (or Baked Green Mussels), and whatever specialty roll that catches our fancy.  Tonight we especially enjoyed the House Roll.

Have a good evening!


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