Monday Madness – 11/23/2015

I am feeling so much better today!  Thank you everyone for all of your warm wishes. 🙂

I pulled out Missing Ivy to work on this week!

Missing Ivy Blocks A and B placed  Design Floor 11/2/2015

Missing Ivy
Blocks A and B placed
Design Floor

Of all my projects currently in rotation, I’m most excited about Missing Ivy.  It’s coming together really nice and I’m loving the colors and the coordination.  I haven’t yet looked at what the next steps are this week but I have a feeling they are the triangles to fill in the quilt.

I cut more scraps for Scrapitude 2016.  I actually finished cutting for all the medium to dark pieces.  I pulled out my lights from bin #3 and need to separate between lights and very lights.  Then I’ll start cutting.  I know Bonnie Hunter’s mystery starts this Friday but I haven’t gotten my fabric together and I’m still not sure what I’m going to do.  I have a feeling I’ll be heading to my LQS on Wednesday afternoon to grab something because I want to play with everyone.  We’ll see.

I’ll be working on the leaves next for Raining Cats and Dogs and then I’ll be getting the kitties on.  In case you’re wondering why it takes me forever on these, I’m actually hand appliqueing everything.  (you know, needleturn…)  And I have the patience of a fly.  I can only do 1-2 strings of thread at a time.  But that little bit of progress is enough for me right now.


And if you’re coming back from last Monday, just a quick update on Razzle – Over the weekend, I pieced the blocks and sashes together to make 4 separate rows.  Then I went to put together the cornerstones (not part of the pic) with the sashing and discovered that I miscut them. So… sheesh, I feel like every time I get ready to go to the next step in one project I discover something that is messed up or wrong – sometimes it’s something I did like in this case but other times its the kit or the pattern.  It’s good that none of these are Christmas presents and I’m just quilting for the joy of quilting.

Design Floor Razzle 11/15/2015

Design Floor

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. Hello Melanie…thanks for linking up at Bits ‘n Bobs….reading about your challenges with Razzle reminds me of ME! Those sort of issues always pop up when I sit at the sewing machine. The kitties are going to look cute on you applique block.

    • Thanks Cath! It seems that these keep happening this last month. I used to get stuck when things like this happen to me. I get frustrated and put the project in a bin to tackle another time. And that’s how I got so many UFOs! Now, I still get frustrated but I keep making progress. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. It’s a lovely quilt for this week! If you are working on the fill-in triangles then you are closing in on finishing this one, too. Whatever will you do when you finish all these???

  3. Missing Ivy is very pretty. Looking forward to the next steps with that one. And I love your design FLOOR. Quilters will figure out how to get it done… wall, floor, bed, or wherever there is room! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Missing Ivy is so pretty! I also have projects that seem to have a mind of their own and never want to be finished – kind of like your Razzle. 🙂 You are making some great progress! Thanks for sharing on MCM and have a great week!

  5. Missing Ivy is rightly a favorite of everyone. Yours is so pretty! Gosh! Razzle is just a little imp, isn’t it? lol I’ve had some like that, too. Nothing wrong with letting it marinate for a while if it’s not on a deadline. 🙂

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