Gratitude Diaries: Days 36

I am grateful for…

… I came home to a fully decorated Christmas tree.  The hubby brought in the Christmas decorations from the garage and had the children put up the tree and decorate the house.  What an awesome surprise!  There is one less to do item on my list.

… short weeks.  I enjoyed going into the office today but I’m so grateful that the work week is over on Wednesday.  I have so much creative energy right now that all I want to do is go in and play.  The sad thing is that I really want to pull out a new project and start working on it.

… AT&T making it easy to put a claim through to get my daughter’s phone replaced.  Her phone fell and cracked.  While it can still turn on and off, the sensors are broken and she is unable to use the touch screen.  I was worried about putting in a claim but I was able to do it pretty easily online.


Have a good evening!


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