Monday Madness – 1/11/2016

Happy Monday!

I’ve spent the last few days quilting Tell It To The Stars!  No pretty pictures since they all look like this:


Or some variation of that.  I’ve got all the orange quilted and now I’m working on the light blue.

Nothing on the design wall since it still isn’t up. 🙁  Maybe I should get the hubby a new drill so he can “practice” using it by putting up my design wall. 🙂  lol…

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. Or you might practice using that drill. If he sees you with it, he just might do it for you. Mine does – he knows not to trust me with power tools unless it is a sewing machine!

  2. Nice to see someone has a quilt top on the quilter! Hey, most of the time my design wall is virtual and if I need to see it up, I have a bath towel clipped to my fabric shelf… will be like that until my new studio is built because I just don’t have any wall space at the moment. Good luck with getting yours put up.

  3. Yeah, get your husband that drill and put him to work. Of course you could do it yourself, but that’s what husbands are for! You are progressing on the Tell it to the Stars, and it won’t be long before you have it finished!

  4. Hey, thanks for linking up after I was gone for so long. 🙂 It’s super nice to see Tell It To the Stars on the frame. Looking forward to seeing it finished. I’m off to crawl around on my design floor and match up scrappy patch sets for some of my Allietare blocks. . .

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