Cross Stitch Update

While I’m attending classes today, I thought I’d update you on my cross stitch work…

Here’s what it looked like on my last cross stitch post:


Here’s what it looks like now.. the bottom right flower is filling out more –


Here’s a close up:



I have discoloration on the weave.  It’s been so long.  It’s very pronounce and I haven’t taken a picture of it.  It’s big, brown/orange, and ugly.  I’m afraid that the whole thing will need to be thrown out.  Anyway, It’s far enough away from the project that I figure once I’m done, I’ll just trim down and frame it so the discolored part will never be an issue.  It’s partially why I want this done pretty quickly.  Today, I decided to lay out the situation and maybe someone can respond with info on what I should do.  Thanks for your help. 🙂  Maybe next week I’ll have the courage to take a picture of it.


My Goal for 2016 for cross stitching is to get the “welcome” project done and get started on the farm scene….

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  1. If it’s a stain rather than a defect in the cloth, you can try just gently hand-washing it, keeping the stitched area out of the water as much as possible; a little wet won’t hurt, but don’t immerse the stitched area. Use Ivory or another hand soap with no added dyes, moisturizers, or perfumes, and be sure to put soap on the front and the back. When I tackle a stain, I usually start with cold water and move to warm if it doesn’t work; hot is the last resort. If you get as little wet as you can reasonably manage, you shouldn’t have trouble with it drying out of shape. If washing fails, there are products that exist to remove stains from stitching. I’ve heard people say they can leave a faint yellow “ghost”‘ of the stain, but depending on how bad it is, that might be acceptable compared to the stain, and you can always try washing the yellow out after. Good luck!

  2. I always admire those who can cross-stitch – like my daughter and daughter-in-law. I just get cross-eyed, lol. It looks beautiful.

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