WIP Wednesday – 1/20/2016

Happy Wednesday!

Greetings from Road2CA!  Yesterday I took Carrie Fondi’s hand applique class.  We learned how to use the glue stick method, the traditional freezer paper method, and back basting method.  The class description says that it is open to beginning appliquers to advanced, but I think it should really be for beginning appliquers unless an advanced appliquer wants to learn one of the particular methods taught.  I enjoyed Carrie and the classmates.  I enjoyed the pattern but I didn’t really learn anything new and I’m surprised to say that I’m no longer a beginner.  I guess it’s about time, I’ve only been applique-ing since I started quilting 10 years ago.  I took the class because I want to applique better.  I still find it hard to do V’s, sharp points, and internal curves.  I guess I just need to keep practicing or go to my LQS to ask one of the expert ladies there to do a one on one class with me.  The methods that we used in the class are fine but I generally don’t want to work that hard in preparing my project.  While working on Raining Cats and Dogs, I found it easiest to draw the pattern on the fabrics and just needleturn it.  I tried using starch and other methods but it would just take too long for me.  And it never gave me the smoothness that I got when I just drew it.  To each their own.  I did get a smooth curve using all the methods that we did in class so that was great.  I can see how different methods can work in different scenarios.  I didn’t really learn anything new but I would still take classes like these just to check out if there is anything new out there.  We got to hear and see different products that different people liked and use so that’s always a benefit.  I’m not sure I would do an all day thing like I did today.  Also, I know I’m not going to finish this project but here’s a far as I got.


Here’s the glue stick method with the wash away fusible piece on the back.  I just placed it onto the background fabric for placing and picture purposes.


There’s a missing stem that if I finished this piece would cover the the frayed parts of the leaves on the left.  As you can see, pretty smooth curves.


The leaves on the right were the freezer paper method and I didn’t like that method at all.  The freezer paper was on top of the fabric so I couldn’t really see what I was doing and the freezer paper kept moving around.  This was the most similar to me just drawing the pattern on the fabric.  The difference is the freezer paper and if it would just keep still, I think it would be fine.  Carrie did say that this method helps if you are using fabric that you can’t mark up well so I can see how it would help.

Today, I’m taking a break from classes and will do some work.  Tomorrow I’m back at classes and I’ll actually be staying in Ontario so I will not need to drive back and forth! 🙂  I’m taking an evening class that will end at 10 and then the following morning an early 8am class.  This was a last minute decision but a good one I think. 🙂  I don’ know if I’ll be able to post anything the next few days from Road but I’ve got some things scheduled for you to check on. 🙂

For those checking in from Freshly Pieced… Thanks for stopping by!

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~Here’s to a great week!


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  1. That was really interesting. I iron freezer paper on complicated pieces so I can trace around it, peel the paper off, and then needleturn it. Most of the time. LOL

    • The instructor had us applique with the freezer paper on but said that we could do what you do, trace around it, peel the paper, and then needle turn and that would be much easier. The freezer paper kept coming loose while I was appliqueing around it. Of course, I might not have pressed it long enough to keep the freezer paper on the fabric more solidly. Normally, I use a lightbox to draw on the fabric and then needleturn it.

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