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So I can’t sleep.  Blame the hotel bed, blame my insomnia, blame the bad food… whatever it is, my melatonin and special sleepy tea is at home and I’m here to make do as I can.  So, I’m sharing pictures of the loot that I got from Road 2016.

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First thing I bought were the mechanical chalk pencil and dragonfly charm from Bohin’s.  I want to try different mediums in marking a quilt and I’d seen the chalk pencils and thought they would be a good try.  I’ve always gotten great quality products from Bohin so I hope the pencil doesn’t disappoint.

The next thing were the glass files.  I had bought a bunch at the last Long Beach Quilt Show a few year’s ago and I had given a bunch of the minis away to friends and family that Christmas.  I kept quite a few for myself along with the big spa file.  The big one broke at some point and I know I gave my dad my last two a couple of months ago.  So I bought what I needed to replace what I gave to my dad as well as the big one that broke.

The leather DVD – weird choice, right?  Well, I’m supposed to make something for the hubby before a certain movie comes out.  I really better get started on it as I think the movie is due to come out in June.  Anyway, Cathy Wiggins had this great dragon shield that was made of quilted leather.  And I sent a pic to the hubby.  I don’t know if I could post a pic online and I don’t see a pic pop up online with some minimal searches so I’ll play it safe and not post anything.  If I run into her at the show today, I’ll ask her if I could post it or not.  Anyway, the hubby loved it and while I don’t think I’ll get to this by June (I still need to do that quilt), I would love to try quilting on leather.  The DVD’s are available here and at some point, we’ll be able to buy kits that will contain everything we need to create the horse shown on the DVD cover.  This is my initial step to see if I have enough interest to even try to make that shield.

I found that little hoop that I liked and talked about before.  The lady who sold it to me suggested I tape it up with the athlete’s tape (not the sticky kind the non-sticky kind).  I’m not sure why but she sounded like she knew what she was talking about so I’m going to try it out.

Finally, the pounce and stencil set – At the SoCal run last year, I bought the pounce with the white powder.  I haven’t used it yet because I don’t know how to.  I was afraid that if I tried to do it, I would spill white chalk all over and that would have been really bad.  So I found the booth and they were demo’ing it.  Now I know how to fill the pounce with chalk and I ended up getting the starter pack that includes: 1 chalk power, stencils, sharpener, and chalk pencil,   You can pick white, pink or blue powder and since I already had white I picked blue.  Then I added a pink pounce with it.

Not pictured are the following purchases:

  1. bamboo batting on a roll … this is sitting in the backseat of my car.
  2. Grande Sew EZ table for my Bernina 330 … this one is ordered and should be delivered in a few weeks.
  3. Featherweight tilt top… I’ll pick this one up tomorrow just before I leave.

This is a very expensive haul.  Most I’ve ever spent in a single show.  But I feel good about what I got.  I didn’t buy kits or fabric.  I bought tools, notions and equipment.  I’ve put a significant dent in my hobby budget for this year.  So, I will need to pay very close attention to my spending during QuiltCon and for the rest of the year.  Luckily, I’ve got enough fabric and enough projects that I do not anticipate needing anything any time soon. But, it’s only January… 😀

Last day at the show.. I better get some sleep so I can enjoy it.

~Happy Quilting.

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  1. Luckily, California has a lot of quilt show with no or few vendors, so you don’t have to restrict that! Save some for PIQF! You are fortunate to live in the midst of an abundance of quiltiness. I was amazed that 1/4″ foot is only $18. I’ve been seeing blog posts about them, and it isn’t a need I have, but I have a friend who really does, so I’m going to tell her it isn’t that expensive. Thanks for posting about your yummy goodies. I look forward to seeing your table in place.

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