Monday Madness – 2/1/2016

Happy Monday!

As with every Monday, I’m still working on quilting Tell It To The Stars!  But, the quilt is off the frame!  So I get to show a new picture of the quilt!  yeah!!

Tell It To The Stars mostly Quilted .. still need to quilt the borders... 1/31/2016

Tell It To The Stars
mostly Quilted
.. still need to quilt the borders…

It’s not entirely quilted.  I still have the borders to do and I’ve decided to finish those off on my domestic while I take the mid arm to get serviced.  I have to say that I switched the bobbin thread to Superior’s bottom line and it is running much better.  So I think with the service I should be in top shape for the rest of the year.  I think the next thing I need to consider is my frame and whether it is good enough.  I feel a pull on the machine which prevents me from making smooth curves and circles and I think it is because the frame is warped in certain areas and the wheels are not getting good traction.  I don’t know if this is really true but its a good possibility.  The frame is an older wooden Grace frame and before I bought it, it was in the previous owner’s garage.  When I bought it, it sat in my garage which was where I quilted before we moved into this current house and now it is in my living room.  I think being in the garage may have affected the wooden frame.  Not enough to notice but enough for the wheels not to run smoothly.  I’ll be doing some extensive cleaning of the frame before I put my next quilt on and I’ll be checking out different frames this year.  I don’t think I’ll have the mula to upgrade my machine at next year’s Road but I may be able to get myself a new frame.

My guild is having a mini group meeting tonight so I’ll be lugging this quilt along to share.  The meeting is an intro meeting for anyone interested in joining a mini group.  A lot of the mini groups in this guild have been together for YEARS and the only way to join an existing one is to be asked by someone.  For new members like myself, it’s hard to get into an existing mini group.  So, they are getting everyone who is interested in joining together so that we can potentially create a mini group or two of those interested in being part of one.  I hope there are enough people who are interested in an evening group.  I work so I can’t do day time meetings like a lot of the ladies do.

And… I was able to get Border #2 of Hampton Ridge mitered up nicely!  I know this has been waiting for awhile and now that the room is clean and organized, I felt up to tackling that task.

Hampton Ridge with Border #2 finished 1/31/2016

Hampton Ridge
with Border #2 finished

Here’s a close up of one of the mitered corners:

Hampton Ridge MItered corner of Border #2 1/31/16

Hampton Ridge
MItered corner of Border #2

It’s wonderful to have progress!

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. I had similar trouble with my aluminum quilting frame. if you can, use a level and make sure the legs/supports are perpendicular to the floor, a true 90 degree angle. It made a difference for me, some of the legs were 85 degrees and it caused a slight dip in the rails. Nice job on the Hampton Ridge miter.

  2. Tell it to the Stars turned out beautifully. I was sorry I didn’t do that quilt along, but it’s been fun to see all the other quilts develop. Hampton Ridge is gorgeous. The mitered borders are perfect.

  3. Congratulations! Two good finishes this week. I know wooden frames are prone to warping, and I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it when it happens. A friend of mine with a Bailey has the Suzy Q frame and she likes it a lot. It’s metal. It’s nice if you can talk to someone or try something out, though. If you’re ever down in San Marcos, you should check out Sewing Machines Plus.

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