Hanging in here

Apparently I caught something.  A bug.  Probably from someone at our little Super Bowl gathering.  I thought staying home from work today would help but I feel it creeping in and getting worse. Hopefully I feel better by morning.

While resting on the couch, I started working on the binding on Tell It To The Stars.  I got one side done.  3 more to go.  I also spent some time finagling some scrap batting together.  All the remnants are now nicely folded inside my batting bin with some room to spare.  I thought I’d get started on the backing for Scrapitude 2015 but realized that its already ready.  Which led me to batting.  I thought I had some batting I could use in the bin but their all scraps and I don’t want to use frankenbatting on this.  I’ll use the bamboo batting I recently purchased at Road.  I’m super excited about it but didn’t have the energy to tackle that huge roll.

I should have Bailey back next week but with Quilt Con next week I will not be able to do anything with it until the following week.  I did not have any energy to do anything with the quilt frame.  That will have to wait until I feel better.  Hopefully I’ll be able to work on it over the weekend.

~ Getting some rest –



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  1. Hope you are feeling better quickly! I’m interested to hear about your bamboo batting experience. Tell it to the Stars is almost finished!

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