Quilt Queue and what projects I’ll work on next

Okay so last year I started the year working on one project at a time.  It worked and I was able to finish stuff early on.  Then I got bored with what I was working on and started rotating projects week to week.  It worked.  I wasn’t bored and I was getting a bit done every week.  Right now, I’m back to working on one project at a time.  Or maybe just 2 projects.  While Tell It To The Stars was on the frame, I was working on quilting it and on Celtic Solstice.  I would go between the two projects depending on my mood.  Then Tell It To The Stars was off the frame and I was consumed with getting that done. Celtic Solstice got packed up and put away.

Tell It To The Stars is nearly done, I’m working on the binding and by the time this posts I might even be done with it.  Now that it’s almost time to put Quilt #2 (Scrapitude 2015) up on the frame I went through the project to see if I need to do anything to get it ready.  The only thing left is to cut the batting.  The backing is done and I’ve got the thread all picked out. I will do that once Bailey is back from the shop and the frame is cleared for use.

Then I looked at Quilt #3 (Moon Glow).  I have to prep and piece the backing.  When it gets closer to it’s turn for quilting, I’ll need to mark the top and cut the batting, etc. I figure I can wait until Scrapitude is on the frame before I really need to get the backing ready.  Everything else can wait until it’s ready to go on the frame for quilting.

Next is Quilt #4.  There is no quilt #4.  At least nothing ready right now.  So I looked at all the quilts I’m working on and looked at which one is the closest to being ready for quilting.  That is Hampton Ridge.  So I started working on Hampton Ridge again.  I was able to miter border #2 a week or so ago and I’ve prepped border #3.  The next step is to get border #3 on the quilt.  Then I get to work on border #4 and piece a gizilion HSTs for border #4.   And then, the top will be done.  So while I’m finishing up the binding of Tell It To The Stars, I’m working on the borders for Hampton Ridge.  This should be quick and could potentially be done in the next couple of months.

And because I always need to know what’s next or I get stuck in my current state I picked out Quilt #5 – Raining Cats and Dogs.  Yup, Raining Cats and Dogs.  This has been a hand project for the last 4 years (or so) and as I reported a week or so ago, all the blocks are done.  Now I can piece all of them together and get the top done.  I think that this will whip up fairly quickly too.

The following projects are in order of priority and what I plan to work on as the quilts above get done and I have time to fill work on the projects.  Maybe when I get to this point, I’ll be ready to work on my project rotation again. We’ll see when we get there.

And finally, now that I’m finished with the hand work for Raining Cats and Dogs, I decided to pull out my wool project, A Rainbow Garden, and start working on that for my hand work project.

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  1. What you are is eclectic. =) Your progress sounds promising, and I can remember when none of those quilts were even close to completed, so that IS a lot of progress!

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