About me, 101

I was going through my blog and noticed that my about me page was a few years old.  I’ve updated a bit here and there but didn’t give it an overhaul and so there are things that are incorrect now.  So I thought I’d do a short series about me while I figure out what I want to update the about me page to say.

Age: 39

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Married with 2 kids (14, daughter and 10, son) who I talk about quite a bit.

The hubby and I have our own business doing non-quilty or crafty stuff.  I talk about it once in awhile.

I’ve been crafting all my life in some form or another.  I cross stitched, then I scrapbooked, dabbled in jewelry making and card making, then in Oct, 2006, I started quilting.  I was 30 and decided that I wanted to learn how to quilt and despite having many other hobbies didn’t want to wait until I had more time to do it.  My grandmother was the seamstress in the family and I remember many times sitting in our patio doing homework while she put stuff together on her sewing machine.  Usually she did home dec projects like curtains, couch pillows, etc.  But my sister, cousins and I all took hula classes and she sewed all of our hula outfits together.  She sat me in front of that machine when I was about 9 or 10 years old and showed me how to thread it and how to use it.  I remember sewing some doll clothes with it before she moved on to the next house.  I have the sewing machine now.  It’s an old (1970’s) Industrial Juki.  My grandmother at some point in the 70’s worked for Northface and was able to purchase this.  At least that was what someone told me.  I haven’t used it but it travels with me from house to house.  The hubby hates it because its all metal and very heavy.  I’m afraid to use it as it hasn’t been used in 20+ years or so and I need to get someone to come and look at it.  I’m sure I can probably clean it up and get it going.  But it’s probably better to have a pro look at it first.


~ that’s all I have time for now, I’ll have to continue at another time.

~ Melanie

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