Project Plans for Thursday

Now that I’ve got Bailey back, he’s on the frame.  Which, I cleaned and levelled.  Quilt #2 “Scrapitude” is ready for quilting.  The batting is trimmed and ready to go.  I have to measure, trim and get the back ready.  Then I can get it on the frame and start quilting it.  YAY! I’m thinking of marking it up with the quilt pounce to try it out.  I’ll be doing that this weekend.  And just to remind you what that top looks like, here you go:

Scrapitude 2015 6/8/2015

Scrapitude 2015

My daughter has already claimed this quilt which is nice.

Here’s my to do list for the weekend right now:

  1. get borders #4 on to Hampton Ridge
  2. piece the blocks of Raining Cats and Dogs
  3. Get some cross stitching done.  I haven’t touched it in almost 2 weeks and I’m feeling sad about that.
  4. Get some knitting done.  Same as cross stitching although I’m not as sad about this one. 🙂
  5. Start the hand work for A Rainbow Garden
  6. And if the stars line up nice, I may get my act together enough to get some scrapbooking in to.

This is the first weekend in a couple of weeks where I can spend it doing crafty stuff!  🙂

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