This week’s line up, Week 24

Provence The beginnings of the alternating blocks 6/11/2016

The beginnings of the alternating blocks

Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to do any of the things I set out to do.  I’m sure none of you are like this but I looked at all the things I set out to do last week and I just didn’t want to do any of it.  I tried to quilt Moon Glow but Bailey was fighting with me.  I got halfway through 1 pass and my shoulders and hands hurt so much that I decided to put it in “time out”.

I didn’t want to hand quilt… It was 85 degrees so that was out of the question.  I’m going to be gone soon and parting ways with my domestic machine so I wanted to spend as much time with it as possible.  The problem is that I didn’t have much on this week’s to do list to work on the machine.  I pieced the rows so that they are ready to be put together for Missing Ivy and actually started to put the rows together.  But I got tired of that really fast.  I’ve been working on Celtic Solstice as my leader/enders project so while I’m not working on it solely I’ve been making progress on it.  So what to do????

I almost pulled out a new project.  I didn’t.  I pulled out Provence.  I’ve already finished doing my goal for this project for this month so it wasn’t on my list for this week.  My goal was to finish a block.  I have only 1 block left to do.  I didn’t have the brainpower to actually do the last block so I reviewed the instructions for the alternating blocks.  I reacquainted myself with the fabric and which was for which – dark, background, and center.  I discovered that I had already started the center pieces.  It’s a square with corner triangles.  I had all the required 20 squares with 2 opposite corners pieced and trimmed.  Half were pressed and the other half were not pressed.  I finished pressing them.  I had all the remaining squares (for the corner triangles) already cut AND I had already drawn the diagonal sewing line on the back.  So all I had to do was sew the corners on.  And that’s what I did.  I even trimmed off the extra fabric.  All I have to do is press them.

Provence The beginnings of the alternating blocks that need to be pressed 6/11/2016

The beginnings of the alternating blocks that need to be pressed

Here’s my crafty plan for the next few days:

  1. Moon Glow – Finish quilting the inner part with Bailey
  2. Raining Cats and Dogs – continue hand quilting as I have the time and can stand to have the quilt on me.
  3. Spooky Halloween – get the fabric for row 2, block 1 put together and all the applique pieces traced.  If I get it together I can take this block with me to hand applique while traveling.
  4. Missing Ivy – step 11 – piece all the rows together to finish the inner top!
  5. Celtic Solstice – work on these as Leaders/Enders while I’m doing other projects.
  6. cross stitch a bit
  7. knit a bit
  8. work on my wool project a bit

Have a great quilty Saturday!


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  1. Well, I can relate to not wanting to do any of the things planned to do. It’s kind of frustrating, to be honest. Glad you finished those blocks. Sometimes it’s just enough to feel like at least something was accomplished. Maybe you just needed a little change. 🙂

  2. Oh, yes, I DO have those days! That’s when I usually pull out scrap vortex. LOL Mindless, soothing, and accomplishing something. I like your solution. You actually made progress on a quilt!

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