Registering for Road is here!


I spent an hour or so last week perusing the class selection for Road2CA next year and figured out what classes I wanted to sign up for.  This morning at 9am PST the registration site opened up and I was able to get all the classes I wanted to.  I was a little worried as I had heard horror stories last year about how quick the classes filled up.  The recent news about QuiltCon 2017 and their registration issues didn’t help.  But I was able to get my picks relatively easy.  I did spend more time at the end when I realized how much everything added up to so I had to remove a class here or there to bring down the price.  I was disappointed that one of the items I looked forward to last year was not included.  I mentioned it when I went to Road and it was a lecture/tour of the quilts that won and the reasons that they won.  Our guide went into detail as to what judges look for and what goes into deciding what wins.  I really enjoyed it.  I hope that as we get closer to Road this gets added to the program.

I signed up for a couple of long arm classes.  One with Innova and another with Gammill.  I wish they had an APQS class too as I think I’ll be ready to purchase a long arm at the next Road.  I’ve decided that I like to long arm but my Bailey is just not cutting it.  It was a great entry level machine to get me hooked and learn that I will use it pretty regularly.  But I’m ready to start working with a machine that has BSR.  I would love to get a machine with a computer but my budget will probably not allow me to do that.  So ideally I would get a machine where I could at some future add a computer.  I am using these classes to get some real playtime with the machines.  That’s why I would have liked to play with an APQS machine as well.

My local shop sells the Bernina long arm but that’s way out of my price range.  I know that there are discounts at Road so I’ll have to check those out anyway and, if I am open to the price, see if my local shop would honor those discounts.  I heard that they did last year so we’ll have to see.  I did talk to someone at the shop when I picked up mine and the girls sewing machines this week so hopefully I’ll be able to play with the machine a bit this year to try it out.

In regards to QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah.  I enjoyed QuiltCon in Pasadena but it wasn’t as big as Road so at the time I wasn’t thinking about going to Savannah next year.  With the cost of airfare and lodgings, it didn’t seem worth it.  However, I enjoyed my brief time in Savannah a couple of weeks ago and would love to go back for a longer stay.  Going during QuiltCon might be interesting and fun.  Not to mention the added benefit of getting to meet a bunch of #twilters planning to meet up.  I’m still debating this in my head so… I may decide to do this at the last minute or not.  I’m still thinking about PIQF in October 2017 too so… decisions will need to be made.

I’ve been a little slack in my posting since returning from vacation.  I have been a little disoriented, lack of focus, uncertain as to what to do.  I thought unpacking and getting myself organized would help but it hasn’t.  Every project I tried to get into was started but then quickly abandoned for one reason or another.  I forced myself to get back into quilting Moon Glow last night and I hope finishing the quilting will spur me past this.

~happy quilting friends!


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  1. So many quilt shows, so little time. 🙂 Road to California is on my list for “sometime.” Glad you got your classes–always a challenge at the big shows.

    • Thanks, I do enjoy the big shows. I’m happy that I’m a period in my life where I can attend a couple of them in a year. It wasn’t always the case and I don’t know if it will always be the case but I’m enjoying it while it is the case. 🙂

  2. How exciting you got all your classes. “The recent news about QuiltCon 2017 and their registration issues didn’t help.” A complete nightmare, and the volunteering, while smooth was filled up in no time, too. So I’m basically going and enjoying and that will be it. I’m not taking any classes or going to any lectures at all. If you wind up going, I’d love for us to meet. I’m going to definitely be there Wed. and Thurs. and probably not after. Personally, I wouldn’t waste the money on a Bernina longarm. I’ve tried it at our local shop, and I wasn’t impressed. Nolting and A-1 are good machines to try, too.

    • So sorry you were part of that mess. If I end up in Savannah, I’d love to meet up as well. 🙂 And thanks for the info on the Bernina. I played with the Bernina sit down and wasn’t thrilled with it but I thought it was because it was a sit down. I’m glad that an experienced long armer didn’t think it was worth the higher price as well. I remember Nolting being at Road last year so I’m definitely going to check them out too. I don’t remember seeing A-1 but I’ll keep my eye out for them.

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