Cross Stitch, a weekly update

“Mama’s Bukid” …

Here’s what it looked like last week…

Mama's Bukid 9/08/2016

Mama’s Bukid

Here’s what it looks like now..

Mama's Bukid 9/15/2016

Mama’s Bukid

I’m working on Row 6!  Every little bit of progress is wonderful and I’m getting to the point where I’ll need to move the hoop.  Once Row 6 is done and I need to start Row 7, I’ll need to move the hoop over so I’m not bumping up against the top right of it.



My Goal for 2016 for cross stitching is to get the “welcome” project done and get started on my farm piece.

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  1. Looks great, Melanie. How big is that hoop? The picture with the lamp makes the piece look bigger than I’d been imagining it to be.

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