Let her fly! -Day One


Today I took my little girl to LAX at 5:30am to go off on a trip without me.  This is her first such trip.  And both of us were nervous!  At the airport, I didn’t want to leave but didn’t want to be the overprotective mom so I kept asking her if she wanted me to leave.  Thank goodness she kept saying no.  I waited until the group went through security.  I made her promise to text and send me pictures all the time.  Of course, she was embarrassed about that but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.  She’s in Washington DC right now and she’ll be visiting colleges on the East Coast with a group of about 30 other students from her school.  Here we are – no makeup.  I was able to be a mom and take a picture of the two of us.  I’m all nerves right now and I’ve been sewing like crazy to stay sane.  All the things that could happen flash through my brain and I am trying not to think too hard on it.  Why did I think this trip was a good idea?  She’ll be back on Saturday and in the meantime, the hubby and I will be heading off to Colorado with friends and my baby boy will be hanging out with the grandparents.   Kayla arrived in DC this afternoon and made it to Georgetown for dinner and cupcakes.  She texted me about how they had to give 18% tip!  Since she’s on her own she is ever more conscious of how much money she’s got and how it’s being spent.  It’s a great experience for her even though I’m all nerves.  And to make the experience better, it was 68 degrees this afternoon so the weather wasn’t too much of a shock for a girl from Southern California.




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  1. How exciting for her! What a confidence builder in a safe environment with a structured group. You did really well, hard as it was!

  2. she will be fine – she is with a group and she sounds like a reasonable and mature young person. I remember when I first made my own trip without my parents – I had to pay attention to everything and it was so exciting for me. I hope saturday will arrive pretty fast 🙂

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