Knitting Tuesday, 1/17/17

While on hiatus, I’ve been doing a lot of knitting.  It’s been easy to pick up and just start and then put it down until the next time I get the chance to knit.  I’ve started a few more projects and I thought it would be cool to show the sock projects I’ve been working on.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted pictures on my knitting.  And I’m very into socks right now.  I’ve got 4 started in various degrees of finishing.

pink/blue socks 1/17/17

pink/blue socks

This is almost finished.  I need to graft the toes on the second sock and weave in all the ends.  I’ve got a mini hole in the first one that I need to close up.  Then these will be done.  As you can see, the second one is much better than the first.  I ventured off and used multiple colors because I didn’t have enough of either yarn to do a pair of just one color.  So I decided to mix it up.  And I had just enough for these two!  What’s great is that that’s 2 mini balls of yarn used! 🙂  woohoo!

magenta/gray socks 1/17/17

magenta/gray socks

In this sock, I’m working on knitting the foot.  Since it’s straight stockinette, this is in my purse for those moments when I’m out and about.  It’s great to do while waiting in line, waiting in the car for kids or hanging out with friends.  I find it soothing when I’ve got knitting in my purse waiting for downtime.  This is Malabrigo yarn I bought in Florida and started the ribbing while I was there.  I have the label somewhere but I can’t find it right now.  The pattern is from a Craftsy class, My First Socks with Lucy Neatby.  I’m just doing all my socks with this pattern until I feel comfortable and can do them in my sleep.  I’m knitting these on #1 – Chiaogoo’s 9 inch circulars.  I’m not certain I love them yet.  I find that I have to push the yarn through.   I was watching the grocery girl’s podcast and one of the ladies mentioned that it takes time for these to warm up and once they do the yarn will glide more smoothly.  We’ll see how it goes.

Purple/gray socks 1/17/17

Purple/gray socks

I bought this purple/gray yarn from Florida too and it’s also Malabrigo.  I’m working on the heel and it sits at home because I still need to kind of concentrate while I’m working on the heel.  I’m knitting these on the #2 Chiaogoo 9 inch circulars and I recently bought #2DPNs from my local yarn shop.  The DPNs are Knitter’s Pride.  I just started using those and I like them but the tips are not as sharp as my knitpick’s DPNs.

Snowberry socks 1/17/17

Snowberry socks

And finally, I just started the ribbing on this one.  I love the yarn!  It’s Mountain Colors Crazy Foot in “Snowberry”.  I love how it feels to knit the yarn. 🙂  I’m also using the #2 Chiaogoo 9 inch circular.  That’s my sock knitting right now.  These are all for me and my girl.  We’ve got similar size feet so we can share.  My ankles are bigger so once I get an idea of what works for me, I’ll have to figure out how to adjust the pattern for her.  Then I’ll make one for my boy and maybe one for the hubby.  I’m not sure he’ll actually wear it so I don’t want to make it until I’m ready to make it. 🙂  I just casted on another hat for Jacob but I don’t love the yarn so we’ll see how long that takes me.  I don’t love it because it feels scratchy.  I’m not sure where I bought it but I had 2 skeins in my yarn stash and I must have purchased it with a project in mind but I do not remember which pattern.

Even though I’ve got 4 sock projects and a hat project going on, I still want to start working on a shawl.  I know the shawl will take a long time so I want to get started and do a row or so a week or a day depending on my mood. :()  if the yarn shop was not closed today I have the strong urge of heading over there to get started on one. 🙂  Luckily they are closed.  Hopefully the urge is not so strong tomorrow, when they are open.

~Happy Knitting


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