Free bundtlets for a year!

**no affiliation here...

**no affiliation here…

Sorry this post is late today.  The kiddos and I trekked it over to our local Nothing Bundt Cakes and were among the first 50 to get a free bundtlet each month for a year.  They are celebrating their anniversary today.  We are super excited.  We love this place.  I love their bundtinis which are bite size bundt cakes with cream cheese frosting.  It’s so good.  My favorites are Pecan and Lemon.  The problem is you can only get bundtinis in a dozen so I only get them when we have people over.  A few months ago I was given coupons for free bundtlets and lately the kiddos and I have been going every Friday after school to redeem them.  The bundtlets are too much for me but are perfect for the three of us to share.  Anyway, now we’re going to get a free one each month for all of 2017.  woohoo!

Red Velvet Bundtlet

Red Velvet Bundtlet


Here’s my to do list this weekend on the crafty side of things:

#1 – Celtic Solstice – work on getting border #2 on…

#2 – Knitting – weave the ends of the pink/blue socks

#3 – cross stitch

#4 – Rainbow garden – trace pattern onto freezer paper

On a personal note – no bad things this week.  It was relatively calm.  I did have a conversation where I relayed some news and was given more work and more things to think about but I think it was all good stuff.  My office/sewing room is even messier today as I’ve dragged all the boxes from my living room in so that the living room can be somewhat presentable.  We’re having friends over for SuperBowl Sunday and we need to hide the mess in here.  🙁  It’s making me cranky.  Oh well.  Having my gratitude journal is really helping me keep things in perspective.  Even on days when I only have 1 item listed.

Happy crafting!


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