Knitting Tuesday, 1/31/17

Pink/blue socks …

Last week –



Pink/Blue Socks My Second Pair 1/31/17

Pink/Blue Socks
My Second Pair

All the ends are weaved in and I’m wearing them now! woot!  I love them.  These are technically my second pair of socks.  The first were these:

My First Socks 11/2/2016

My First Socks

I gave them to my mother when she came to visit me last November.  They were practice socks.  The yarn was just some yarn I had lying around.  It’s much bigger than sock yarn and I used  #7 DPNs.  They were bamboo DPNs and I can’t remember the company.  Probably Clover as I didn’t want to spend money on this at that time in case I wouldn’t take to it and just used whatever I had on hand.  Now that I’ve finished my second pair and working on my 3rd, 4th, and 5th at the same time, I’m loving the sock knitting.  I’m just doing plain vanilla socks as taught by Lucy Neatby in her Craftsy class, My First Socks.  I’m learning how to modify the socks so that they fit me best.  Those first purple socks were too big.  The second pink/blue socks I just finished are still a little too big.

Magenta/Gray socks

Last week –

magenta/gray socks 1/24/17

magenta/gray socks

magenta/gray socks 1/31/17

magenta/gray socks

I have about 1.5 inches left on the second sock before I start turning the heel.  I’m a slow sock knitter.  I would love to knit a pair of socks a month.  I hope I get there someday.  But I’m happy to be where I am right now as those first socks took me forever!  I believe 6+  months. I wasn’t really keeping track back then and I didn’t knit as much as I do now so it really isn’t a good comparison.  However I am faster and I hope that I get better as I go along.  I did discover this past week that the yarn I have been using is not Malabrigo.  lol.  I have a few skeins of Malabrigo and this colorway matches closely with one of the Malabrigo skeins I have.  But it is not.  Rather the yarn I’m using here is Crock-O-Dye sock yarn color #224.

My first sweater Kimono 1/31/2017

My first sweater

And I started on my first sweater.  I’m still at the very early stages and I can only knit a couple of rows a day.  I do not have a lot of time so I just do a bit when I can.  My local yarn shop has knit night tonight and every Tuesday. I’m hoping to attend and work on this project each week.

~Happy Knitting


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