Maker Monday! 1/30/2017

Celtic Solstice – I know I keep showing this picture….

Celtic Solstice Inner Top completed 1/22/2017

Celtic Solstice
Inner Top completed

But the quilt is so big I’m having problems taking a pic that will show the whole thing.  This is as close as I got:

Celtic Solstice Inner Top completed 1/30/2017

Celtic Solstice
Inner Top completed

This was taken on the floor of my living room.  The colors show up so much better than the pic above outside by the pool.  It didn’t help that it was overcast on 1/22 but I love how the quilt is coming along.  I’m onto the third and final border.  The pattern I got from Bonnie in 2013 says that the final border should be a neutral.  I have a feeling that that is wrong and was probably corrected after I retrieved the final instructions.  The reason being that the picture of the final quilt on the instructions has the final border as being green.  A quick google search showed me that different quilters used different colors for that final border.  I’m going to have to go through my stash and figure out what to use for my final border.  I’ve got orange, yellow and blue fabrics put away in my Celtic Solstice box and I plan to try those out before diving into the stash bins.  I have a feeling I’m not going to love them but I won’t know for sure until I lay them out to try.

Once this top is done, the next step is to piece a back for it.  Then I can set it aside until I’m ready to rent the long arm and quilt it.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

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Have a great week!


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  1. Yea for making progress on your Celtic Solstice. I like your orange inner border. And, yep, it can be so difficult to get a good picture of large quilts. Heck, I sometimes have problems getting good pictures of small quilts. Keep going on this one. It’s fabulous.

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