Sunday Morning Treat

Normally on a Sunday, before my hiatus from blogging, I would post about my stash – what came in and what went out – and other number things like how much I spent on crafty goodness.  Well over the last few weeks I haven’t been very good at keeping track of the numbers.

I have made a few bags and I’ve actually bought fabric.  I also spent a lot of money on yarn.  I’ve a thing for yarn right now.  But I’m not feeling the urge to go back and figure out what the numbers are and I’m not sure I want to continue to track the numbers going forward.  That’s for a different post another day.

Today, I want to talk about my Sunday Morning Treat.

My Sunday Morning Treat

I know it looks like coffee and a muffin but it’s so much more than that.  Ignore the muffin because, while it’s good, the real treat is the coffee.  It just SOOOOO GOOD!  All caps good!  I love coffee and over the years I’ve experimented and tried different things to make this particular treat.  Here’s the secret to my treat.

It’s really in the process and not any one ingredient.  I do not use special coffee.  I use regular Folgers.  The hubby and I drink a lot of coffee so I don’t like to buy the fancy expensive stuff.  We’ll go through it too fast.  Sometimes, I’ll have expensive stuff around that I’ll use when we’ve got friends over.  But I’m trying to use up what I’ve got (hey minimalist wanna-be here!) so I’m actively using the stuff in my cabinet and only replacing the stuff I want to continue to use.  It’s partly how I came up with this concoction…

  1. Boil Water – 
  2. And while that’s boiling, make a shot of espresso. The old fashioned way. Over the stove.  (Thanks to my friend Beth for the espresso stove top maker!)
    1. This about the only thing I’ll actually spend money on. And if Beth sends me fancy stuff from Italy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    2. This thing makes 1 shot of espresso. I’ve got two of these so I can make one for me and one for the hubby if he wants.  A lot of times he doesn’t want and I get 2 shots of espresso in my coffee!  And when we’ve got people over, I have a larger one that can make 6 shots of espresso. 

  3. And while those two are doing it’s thing on the stove, I make a bit of hot chocolate.  Take a tablespoon of hot chocolate mix.  Right now I’ve got fancy stuff because someone gave it to me and I’m trying to use it up.  Add some milk (not too much – just enough to get the mix to dissolve)  and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  You’ll want to use a big mug.
  4. At some point, the water will be boiled.  Usually, that’s finished before the espresso shot.  So, I make my coffee in my french press.  I usually use the big one because the hubby drinks way more coffee than me.  I am down to 1 cup a day.  He starts the day with 2-3 if I’m not quick enough to grab my first cup before he pours his third. 🙁 But because he’s out of town, I have my one cup press that’s perfect for just me.
  5. While you let it do it’s thing, the espresso should be done, and the hot chocolate mix is ready.  Take the mug (with the hot chocolate), mix, pour the espresso into it.  Add your favorite creamer.  I like about 1/3c which is WAY too much in sugar so I’m trying to cut down….
  6. Then take the coffee and add it to the mug.  It should sit in the press about 5 minutes so if you need to wait, wait.
  7. It’s really DE-lish!  It takes a bit of time – maybe 10 minutes.  And I don’t have it every day.  Maybe twice a week.  Once over the weekend and once during the week on those days when you really need a great cup of coffee.

It’s a process, I know.  I enjoy a good process.  While it may look like a lot of stuff to wash, the espresso maker and the press just really need to be rinsed out with hot water.  And all that’s left is the mug.  And if you want everything washed, that’s what the kids are for! 🙂

~Happy crafting!


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  1. I love coffee too! I too have french press (one at home and one at the office) and I sure am using them. I must confess I have not tried making espresso myself but after reading your post I say, why not? great post melanie

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