Cross Stitch, an update

“Mama’s Bukid” …

Here’s what it looked like last time:

Mama’s Bukid

Here’s what it looks like now…

Mama’s Bukid

Happy Saturday!

I touched my cross stitch project last night and didn’t realize how long it has been since I posted an update on this.  As you can see I haven’t gotten that much done but filling in the bottom of that row really made a big difference visually.  I’m working on Row 9 now and I’m more than halfway through the first page of this project.  I found a local needle shop.  I’ve gone in twice to check it out.  I wish that the place felt more welcoming because I would enjoy spending a night a week cross stitching with other ladies.  Unfortunately, every time I’ve gone in, I’ve received the cold shoulder – no hi, no help, no friendly gestures whatsoever.  So, I cross stitch at home while the family is watching TV or working on their own stuff.  Which is fun too.

My parents were visiting last week and that was nice.  Unfortunately, they picked a bad time to come.  My daughter’s got finals week next week so she spent a lot of time this week studying.  My son had a major project due on Friday so he spent a lot of time this week finishing that up.  My husband, back from the Philippines, went back to work this week.  So they hung out during the day and we ate a lot.  My fridge is full and the fam and I will be working on eating it clean this weekend.  I hope to have a lot of crafty time this weekend with a bit of work stuff thrown in.  I want to do the next block for my Civil War Diary Quilt.  And other crafty things… follow me on instagram for pix on what I’m working on.  @thousandneedles

Happy Stitching!




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