Stash Report – Week 33, 2017

As you know I was out of town last weekend.  We went to celebrate the end of summer in Vegas.  It was another fun weekend and I found a new to me quilt shop called Sew Yeah Quilting.  I visited the shop and my usual, Quiltique.  Both shops had a great variety of fabric.  These shops are HUGE.  My LQS is tiny compared to these shops and the selection seemed endless.  I had to restrict myself to the sale room and one non-sale item.  So I added 13 yards from last weekend’s travel binge.  For some reason, I’m buying 2 yards of things instead of my normal 1 yard.  Almost everything I purchased was on sale so I didn’t break the bank.  If it wasn’t on sale, I only bought a yard.  I guess you can say I bought 2 yards for the price of 1 at regular price. 🙂

I made it home just in time to make my Quilt Association’s annual treasure hunt.  This event is every August and is a very good reason for a newer quilter to join a guild.  Of course, most of the fabric are older but it’s great for scrappy quilts or getting backing cheaper.  We have our treasure hunt like this: members are asked to “clean” their sewing room and destash anything they are no longer happy with to make room for the things they want to purchase.  They donate it to the guild.  Then at the treasure hunt, we all look at the fabric and we buy them up.  I believe it’s sold for $1/ half yard.  There’s also a silent auction, a live auction, and ice cream!  At the end of the night, for those who have stayed to the end, we are given a bag and it’s $1 for whatever we can fit in the bag.  I believe that that is a newer addition and may not always be the case.  Anyway, I was extremely lucky and won 5 raffle baskets and went home with a lot of fabric.  I won a quilt and 2 quilt tops.  I ended up going home with 61 yards of fabric.  OMG!  I have a lot of work to do now to make up for this increase.   And I still do not know where I’m going to store it all.  It was fun and now I have a lot to donate to the Association for next year’s hunt.

The fabric stash:  

  • Used since last time: 0 yards
  • Used year to date: 27.5 yards
  • Added since last time: 74 yards
  • Added year to Date: 112 yards
  • Net ADDED for 2017: 84.5 yards

Slow Stitching Sunday

And for Slow Stitching Sunday with Kathy at Kathy Quilts

I did a little bit of work on Block 8 for A Rainbow Garden!

I hope to get more done today.

Last time: all I had time to do was trace the pattern onto freezer paper.

A Rainbow Garden
Block 8 – Traced pattern onto freezer paper


Last Sunday I was able to get the paper cut and pressed onto the wool fabric.  I was so confused as there was not enough fabric and the colors on the pattern were not matching the picture or the fabric I had.  Lucikly I keep every scrap/remnant and went through my little baggie to make up for the discrepancy.

A Rainbow Garden
Block 8 – cut the pieces and pressed the paper onto the wool fabric


Did you catch that?  I didn’t have enough wool in the package for block 8 to do the block.  Not to mention my confusion because the pattern referenced colors that were not part of my kit. Needless to say, I was so irritated.  This was a BOM I purchased through Primitive Gatherings back in 2013.  I’ve been working on it a bit at a time.  I enjoy the process.  Anyway, I was really frustrated and now that it’s been 4 years, there’s really nothing I can do about it but be annoyed!

~happy crafting!


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~Have a quilty week!



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  1. Your fabrics are so pretty – like that girly one! I had the same experience with a quilt shop I visited – purchased a kit only to find I was 1/4 yard short! I contacted them and they credited me for that yardage! I’m sure I’ll be visiting them again! So sorry for your experience!

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  3. Those are some really interesting fabrics. I don’t buy kits, but a friend did once when we were out together and when she got it home the fabrics weren’t the same as what was on the picture. It was a Christmas quilt and almost all the fabric was green. She ended up buying red fabric from the same line to make the quilt look more balanced.

  4. What fun whimsical fabric. I’ll have to check out those stores the next time I visit my brother who lives in Las Vegas.

    • I should but I’m just too busy. It’s easier for me to rant about it, forgive them (I’m sure it’s an honest mistake), and move on. But thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Your Rainbow Garden looks intriguing! What wonderful stash additions you’ve made. I haven’t been to Las Vegas in years, but Quiltique was there and huge then, too. =)

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