This week’s POA, 8/21/17


It’s Monday!  A great start to a new week.

My Plan Of Action from my last post a couple of weeks ago was on the shorter end because I was going out of town and I knew I wouldn’t have as much crafty time as usual:

  1. quilting –
    1. A Rainbow Garden – I was going to take this project with me on my trip but I ended up not doing that.  I felt I had too many projects to bring and didn’t want to pack too much.
  2. Knitting –
    1. Kimono” – My goal was to have the right arm finished and I would have but I forgot that I needed to do a bit of garter stitch at the end. I finished the stockinette portion.
    2. Starting Point Shawl – My goal was to finish clue #1 on the second half.  I didn’t realize while it looked like I was at the end the last portion said to repeat row 2 – 78.  ugh.  So I am in the middle of that repeat.
  3. Cross Stitch – My goal was to do 2 threads a week.  I was able to get a bit done and posted an updated picture here. But I wasn’t able to get anything done since then.  I hope to get 3 threads done this week and 3 threads next week to make up for the missed week.
  4. Other – I wanted to get the Teflon foot for my machine and I did this!

I was able to work on projects not on my goal list – like my August socks!

For this coming week, here’s my POA:

  1. Quilting –
    1. Secret Project: hand bind 1 side of my secret project
    2. Raining Cats and Dogs – hand quilt once this week
    3. A Rainbow Garden – hand applique on Sunday
    4. Civil War Diary Quilt – do a block
  2. Knitting –
    1. Kimono – finish the right sleeve and do 7 sets of right and wrong sides of the left sleeve.
    2. August Socks – Central Park – finish the foot and have it ready for the toe by the weekend.
    3. Starting Point – I have 16 rows left of the first clue.  I’d like to get 8 rows finished this week.
  3. Cross Stitch –
    1. Finish 3 colorways of Row 11
  4. Bag Making –
    1. Maxwell Bag – (not on my monthly goal list) but I want to get through the next few steps.  I’m taking the next bag class on Saturday so I want to get through the 4 steps the instructor had given me at the last class.
  5. Clothes Making –
    1. LAFS – figure out what the next step is on my pajama pants and do it.

~Happy Crafting!


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