Road to California

By the time this post goes live, I’ll be heading off to Road to California.  This year, I will be carpooling to Road with a knitting friend I met at my Thursday knit nights at my LYS.  She is a multi-crafter like me and has her hand in a bunch of different things.  She is also trying to finish projects and work through her various stashed items over the years.  I’ll be meeting at her house this morning and she will be doing the driving from there to Ontario and then back this evening.  My first lecture doesn’t actually begin until 3:45pm so I’ll have the day to view the quilts and visit the vendors.  I’m not planning on buying much of anything as I don’t need anything.  Who really NEEDS anything we get?  But, I’ve got a lot of the big stuff over the last few years so I’m not planning on buying anything really.  I did manage to save my pennies specifically for Road so if I do see something I like, I can still get it (assuming it’s within the budget!)

I will be attending the lectures: “This history of the Hawaiian Quilt” and “Quilts in Iceland”.  Both of which sound fascinating.  I will also be attending “applique for cheaters” and “the stripology way”, both of which I hope will provide tips on how to speed up my process.  I was able to get tickets to attend Jenny Doan’s trunk show.  I was surprised that I got these as I heard they were sold out.  I guess wherever I heard that was wrong.  And finally, I will be attending the “Roundabout” which I heard is a really good way of hearing about the newest gadgets, tips and tricks.

I am only planning on taking one class and it’s Crazy Beading.  I love handwork and I’m excited to try this out.


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