Knitting roll call, 1/30/18

I take these pics on Saturday as it takes a bit of time to gather everything up and do it.  Then I post them on Instagram Saturday morning (assuming I can do it on Saturday morning).  So if you follow me on Instagram (@thousandneedles) you may have already seen these.  But for those of you who follow me on the blog, I do not want to leave you out so… here is all the knitting I’m working on in one place:

First, I’ve got 2 finished objects:

  1. Resfeber Socks from Knitting Expat.

Resfeber Socks
Knitting Expat
Wanderlust Sock Club
January, 2018

2. Christmas Socks – the Mercury pattern.

Christmas Socks

3. Vanilla socks – using the minis from my Row One subscription from October, 2017. Yarn is Twisted Owl Fiber Studios.

Scrappy Vanilla Socks
Twisted Owl minis
Row One, 10/2017

I got the bulk of these done while at Road2CA. It was such easy knitting and I had a lot of time while I attended various lectures.  I finished the heel flap but couldn’t remember how to do the turn so I started scrappy vanilla socks #2.  I didn’t get much done on these… but now I’ve got easy knitting ready to take with me wherever I go.

Scrappy Vanilla Socks 2
Twisted Owl minis
Row One, 10/2017

4. Kayla’s Weasley Sweater – Even though this is down the list a bit, it’s actually one of the items I work on every day.  It’s a priority project!  I’ve picked up stiches on both sleeves and I’m working on both concurrently.

Kayla’s Weasley Sweater

5. Martine Hat

Martine Hat

6. Land of Sweets Cowl

Land of Sweets Cowl

7. Fairyhill Shawl

Fairyhill Shawl

8. Stormy Affair Poncho

Stormy Affair Poncho

9. Cozy Memories Blanket

Cozy Memories Blanket

10. Other socks on the needles… I always have socks going on at various stages.  Resfeber was my priority sock as it’s part of a KAL (knit-a-long) and now that I’m finished with that and the Christmas socks, which was my second priority sock.  The new priority sock is Spattergroit.  It will be my priority sock until 2/1 when the next sock comes out in the Sock Collection by Mina Phillips (the Knitting Expat).  I can’t remember the collection’s name at the moment.  She’s got two going and I can only remember the Wander Lust Sock Collection which is the one that Resfeber is part of.

Spattergroit Socks

Dragon Pox is next.  I just finished the ribbing so it’s no longer my easy on the go knitting (scrappy vanila sock #2 took it’s place).  This is going to sit on the shelf a bit until I’m ready to tackle the pattern.

DragonPox Socks

And third, is my Praire Socks.  I only casted this on because my girlfriend and I were supposed to go to knit night at a particular yarn shop that we hadn’t gone to knit night before.  We’ve purchased yarn there before but never actually went to a knit night.  So, I had to cake up yarn I had purchased and cast on a new sock so that I would be knitting on something purchased at the shop.  I know I didn’t have to do this but it makes me feel better to do this.  At least until I get to know the other knitters.  🙂 Anyway, our plans got cancelled and now this is sitting and waiting for the time we actually go to knit night at this shop.

Prairie Socks

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