Monday’s Plan of Action for week 5, 2018

Since I was at Road2CA last weekend, I wasn’t able to prep my Monday’s POA post for last week.  So here were the specific crafty goals I made two weeks ago:

  • Mama’s Bukid – Page 5, Row 7 – I realized last week that somewhere along the way my numbers got messed up.  I’m actually in the middle of row 7 right now and I’d like to finish row 7 this week.  There are 14 rows on one page so when I finish this I’ll be halfway through page 2! – DONE
  • Resfeder socks – finish the heel – DONE
  • Christmas socks – finish the toes, kitchener, take a picture and post to ravelry. – DONE
  • Harry Potter Weasley Sweater for daughter – I’d like to create a page so that I can take appropriate pictures to make it easier for me/you to find and rip out the sleeve portion I’ve already done and redo it a bit bigger. – DONE
  • Celtic Solstice – Continue piecing the back together. – WORKING ON THIS
  • I’ve got Road2CA this week! – YAY, IT WAS FUN!

And for this week’s goals, here’s what I want to get done.

  • Mama’s Bukid – Page, 5, Row 8
  • Celtic Solstice – continue piecing the backing
  • Maxwell Bag – work on the handle
  • Rainbow Garden – pull this out again and work a bit on it on Sunday
  • Knitting projects:
    • Spattergroit until 2/1 when the next sock pattern comes out from the sock collection I’ve signed up with.
    • Weasley Sweater for Kayla – continue to work on the sleeves
    • Martine Hat – do a round or two each day

Happy Crafting!


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