Monday’s Plan of Action for week 6, 2018

Happy Monday! I know a lot of people don’t like Mondays but I really enjoy it.  To me it’s the start of a new week, new goals, and just a whole lot of things that can happen.

Here were my goals from last week:

  • Mama’s Bukid – Page, 5, Row 8 –
    • I got half way through Row 8.
  • Celtic Solstice – continue piecing the backing
    • I am almost done with the back
  • Maxwell Bag – work on the handle
    • Done at the UFO party on Friday.
  • Rainbow Garden – pull this out again and work a bit on it on Sunday
    • Done!
  • Knitting projects:
    • Spattergroit until 2/1 when the next sock pattern comes out from the sock collection I’ve signed up with.
      • Done!
    • Weasley Sweater for Kayla – continue to work on the sleeves
      • Done!
    • Martine Hat – do a round or two each day
      • I didn’t do every day but I only have 4 more rounds and then I can go to the next step.  I think it’s the decrease part but since I haven’t actually read it, I’m not a hundred percent sure.

And for this week’s goals, here’s what I want to get done.

  • Mama’s Bukid – Page, 5, finish the second half of row 8 –
  • Untitled quilt – finish binding the other side
  • Celtic Solstice – finish piecing the backing
  • Rainbow Garden – work a bit on it on Sunday
  • Knitting projects:
    • Warm and Snug socks – February pattern for the Cosy Sock Club
      • finish the cuff and knit a lot of the leg.
    • Weasley Sweater for Kayla – continue to work on the sleeves
    • Martine Hat – Finish the last 4 rounds of the hat and start the next part.

Happy Crafting!


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