Cross Stitch, an update – week 7, 2018

Before I update you on my cross stitch projects, I have some good news.  I went to the San Fernando Valley Quilt Association’s (SFVQA) meeting last night and won a raffle basket!  I was ecstatic!  I counted it all and there was about 17 yards of fabric.  I didn’t take a tape measure to it so give or take a few yards.  It’s all winnings so I’m not going to add it to my Sunday Stash report.  I do need to figure out where I’m going to put it but here’s a quick pic of the basket.

“Mama’s Bukid” …

Here’s what it looked like last time:

Mama’s Bukid

Here’s what it looks like now…

Mama’s Bukid

As you can see row 8 is finished and I’m almost halfway through row 9.  I hope to get row 9 finished this week.


Gamer NouveauHere’s what it looked like last time:

Gamer Nouveau

Here’s what it looks like now…

Gamer Nouveau

I’m working on one shade of gray.  It’s kind of boring but I’m still excited by the newness of the project and I’m enjoying working on it.  I do not really know much about cross stitching but I believe this is 2×2 on 18 count Aida.  Hopefully I got that right! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Stitching!




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