2018 Crafty Plan – February Update

Happy Birthday to the hubby!  Yes, his birthday is the day after Love day.

  • Mama’s Bukid – Finish Row 8 and 9 of Page 5
    • UPDATE – I finished row 8 and I’m halfway through row 9.

Mama’s Bukid

  • Gamer Nouveau – Finish prepping the fabric and start Page 1
    • UPDATE – I got the part I needed prepped and I started on Page 1.  Since my primary focus is Mama’s Bukid I don’t have any really goals for this project other than to work on it at least weekly.  Because I really want to work on this all the time, I’m not having any problems working on this project.

Gamer Nouveau


  • Kayla’s Weasley Sweater – Finish the sleeves. I am planning on doing a RS (right side) and WS (wrong side) on each sleeve a day and spend Thursday night Knit Nights working on it.  I hope that’s enough time to finish up the sleeves in February.
    • UPDATE – I’m about 1/3rd to half way through both sleeves.  I’m working them both at the same time.  I’m not sure I will be able to get the sleeves done this month because it’s a bit tedious but I’m working a bit every day and as long as I continue to do that, I’m happy for whatever progress I make this month.
  • The February socks in Knitting Expat’s Sock Club.
    • UPDATE – I am working on the leg.  My plan is to have the heels done this weekend and that should put me in line with getting these done this month.
  • Martine Hat – Finish the hat. I’m currently working on the hat part but I’m almost to the point where I can start the decrease.
    • UPDATE – This is finished!

Martine Hat

  • Celtic Solstice – Finish the back together and quilt this
    • UPDATE – I maybe wanted to do too much for this task.  I was able to get the back almost done at 100″x120″.  I need it to be 120″x120″ so I’m a little short.  But since we’re out of town this weekend and next weekend is QuiltCon I will not be able to work on this again until March 3rd!  So, this is on hold until then.

Celtic Solstice

Celtic Solstice
The back, not yet finished
Daaaang, that’s big!

  • Enjoy QuiltCon!
    • UPDATE! Of course, my plan is to enjoy QuiltCon! Unfortunately, my Road2CA galpal will be up in Santa Clara enjoying Stitches West. I’m not sure why these two were planned for the same weekend but someone will need to get their act together. Okay, maybe not. Thankfully, QuiltCon is only on this coast every other year so my plan is to attend Stitches West next year when QuiltCon is on the East Coast. I am not planning on buying anything but have got my eye on a few things. Quilter’s paraphernalia (t-shirts, bags, etc) is at the top of the list.  But my budget for QuiltCon is MUCH lower than my budget for Road was.

~Happy crafting!


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