Knitting Update, Week 10, 2018

Here’s an update on my current set of priority knitting projects. Last month, I finished 2 projects on my knitting priority list.

My February socks:

Warm and Snug Socks
Knitting Expat
Cosy Sock Club
February, 2018

and my Martine Hat:

Martine Hat

I have 3 priority projects that I work on each day and I think 3 projects is a good number for me.  I can generally do a little bit every day on each project.  I know if I was monogamous I would get a lot done on one project and do it faster but I get bored working that long on one project.  So I get a bit done on each and I don’t get bored.  Right now those projects are:

  • March Socks

Derive Socks
Knitting Expat
Wanderlust Sock Club
March, 2018

  • Kayla’s Weasley Sweater

Kayla’s Weasley Sweater

  • Land of Sweets Cowl

Land of Sweets Cowl

I have prioritized 3 projects to work on each day because I have a lot of knitting WIPs and I want to get them done. I’m not very good at working on one project at a time so I try to do a little bit every day on 3 main projects.  The socks is my number one project as I’m part of a KAL (Knit A Long) and need to get the pairs of socks done within the month to enter it in a drawing.  But like I said I don’t have the wherewithal to work on just the socks so I know where I should be at each week of the month in order for me to be finished by month end.  The sweater doesn’t have a deadline but I want to get it done as I’m going to be making a Weasley sweater for each of us (my family).  I have this insane idea of taking our holiday pictures in our Weasley sweaters.  I think it will be so cute and the hubby is willing to go along with it.  I do not think that I’ll get it done for this Christmas but I’m hoping that it will be done in the next few Christmas’.  Anyway, so I need to keep working a bit on these each day and one day they will be done.  The cowl is the same in that I do not have a deadline other than I want to get it done and pushing it to #3 on my priority list means that it will get worked on regularly and it will be done one day soon.

~Happy Knitting!



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