Sunday Stash Report —- week 1, 2019


I’m not going to do Sunday stash this year.  I had been doing a pretty good job for a few years but last year it fell by the wayside.  I couldn’t get myself to quilt Celtic Solstice and while it’s is almost done being quilted, it is still not finished.  That held me back from doing much of anything on the quilty side of things.  I did a bit (ahem, a lot) of purchasing last year and I know that it will continue into this year (but hopefully not as much as last year).  I really shouldn’t as I have NO space for more fabric but I plan to support my LQS at least on a monthly basis and I’ve been helping my older friends with their destashes. 🙂 So I am planning on making progress and using the fabric I have.

This weekend, I spent some time at a friend’s house working on Clue one of Bonnie Hunter’s 2018 mystery quilt, Good Fortune!  I did start along with everyone else when the clues started last Black Friday but I fell behind rather quickly.  And I decided to just continue with Clue One until I finish the clue before moving onto the next clue.  I didn’t search out the reveal when it came but I saw it come through my Instagram feed and I love it.  I didn’t change the colors on my version so I’m happy with spending time working on this quilt.

My quilty goals for 2019 is to finish quilts and use the fabric I have.  I’m having a lot of trouble actually quilting in my crafting space so I’ve been going over to friend’s homes to craft.  And this upcoming weekend I’m heading over to a retreat!  I’m so excited.  Here are the projects and my plans for this upcoming weekend:

  1. Staycation – I plan to put a thin border.  I need to buy more fabric from the quilt shop and it was closed today.  So sometime this week I will need to make it over and get a bit of Kona.
  2. Good Fortune Quilt – I plan to finish clue one and start clue two.
  3. Provence – I plan to piece the inner and outer borders of this quilt.
  4. 2012 SoCal Quilter’s Run Area One mystery quilt – I looked through this project bin just to see where I was at and to make sure I had everything to work on this project.  I noticed that I had a bunch of things pinned together from the last time I worked on this project. Which was at the last retreat I went to last September.

Those are the 4 projects I plan to work on and is squeezed into my bag in the above picture.  I do not have my sewing machine in that bag so I will be dragging that along separately.

Happy quilting friends!

<3, Melanie



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