Monday’s POA, Week 3, 2020

I won’t say last week was a fail.  I didn’t get to spend as much time on my crafts as I like and as I plan but I spent time with friends and family. Especially my daughter who has now left for Boston and my parents who are still here.

And this week life seems to continue to run amok at a break neck pace. Today is a holiday and I had planned to get some work done this morning to catch up on some things that I’ve been procrastinating about.  Then spend the afternoon at a friend’s house quilting before I head over to my Monday yoga class with another friend.  This plan is already potentially going to be scrapped as I wasn’t able to get any work done over the weekend which means I have to do those things today.

Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be in Century City for work. This means nothing to you probably but for me, it’s about an hour and a half drive one way. In the morning, it can go as long as 2 hours depending on traffic.  Both evenings I’ve got a guild thing to do. Tuesday evening I have my mini group meeting at my place so even though I’m going to be in Century City during the day, I should be back by 6pm for my 7pm meeting. I will be working on my long standing WIP of A Rainbow Garden (wool applique) or my hand quilting project, Raining Cats and Dogs. It really depends on which project my hands can do. Lately I’ve been quilting more than appliqueing for some reason.

Wednesday evening, I have a guild committee meeting at a guild mates house.  Nothing crafty there. Just discussions on how we can increase membership to our guild.  As with a lot of traditional organizations (quilt guilds and other organizations), membership is slowly decreasing as our older members choose the day guild (ours is the night guild) or pass away or move away.  Let me know if you have any ideas.

Thursday is knit night and afterwards a friend and I will drive over to Ontario for Road to California!  This is a show I’ve gone to almost every year since returning to Los Angeles in 2014.  I love it when I can afford the funds and the time to take a class and this year I am lucky enough to do so. And even better, I have a hotel room so we even though it’s not too far, it’s so much better to stay in the area.  I’ll be gone until Sunday.

So, there will not be a lot of time crafting this week. But I’ll be able to report back on Road and the classes I attend.

Happy crafty week!






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  1. When you’re at RD2CA look for my quilt, “Sew She Did”. I’m not able to make it to the show this year, maybe next year though. Hope you make it through your busy week.

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