Scrappy Stars Around The Corner, Clue 2 and Clue 3 finished

Scrappy Stars around the Corner
Clue 3

I finished Clue 3 last weekend and realized afterwards that I never finished clue 2.  The last 2 pages of Clue 2 were behind Clue 3 so didn’t see it until I finished clue 3. I had to go back and do those last 2 pages this weekend.

Scrappy Stars around the Corner
Clue 2

Now they are both complete and I can move on to Clue 4.  I reviewed and printed it.  This is the final clue and includes the reveal so I will be on this clue awhile.  I think there are about 10 steps with more blocks to put together and then I get to put all the blocks together.

I’m not really liking how the individual blocks look. It’s too scrappy for me. When I cut my scraps I was looking purely at value and not at colorways or anything. It was a test for me to see how it turns out.  So far, I’ve not liked this test. I am hoping that once all the blocks are put together I will like how this quilt will look.  But I will probably not use this method by choice again.  Of course, never say never. Different techniques tend to come out of the woodwork and I suddenly decide I like something I once thought I hated.  I will still make scrappy quilts I will just stick with a colorway rather than go purely based on values.

Happy Wednesday!


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