Update on my 2020 Crafty Plans, July

I wrote about my 2020 Crafty goals here for quilting… and here for cross stitch… and here for knitting and here for everything else

My quilting goals and updates-

  1. Staycation – in the quilt queue.
  2. Good Fortune – in the quilt queue.
  3. Glam Clam – in the quilt queue.
  4. Scrappy Stars – I started putting the sashing on…
  5. Area One Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilt Run – I finished this top!!! 🙂 and it’s now in the quilt queue.
  6. Area Four Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilt Run – Right before the pandemic started I went to the first retreat of the year. At the retreat I was able to lay out all the blocks and decide how to put them together. All I have to do is put them together.
    1. Update: I haven’t touched this since then.
  7. Dancing with the Stars – At the same retreat I finished some of the blocks for this and realized I didn’t have any more of the white. I believe I pulled it for another project and never replaced it. I’ve since bought more white fabric and can start working on this again.
    1. Update: I haven’t touched this since then.

Not on my goal list but something I’ve been working on a lot the last few months is Radiant Jewel Quilt by Kimberly Einmo. I’ve got all the blocks A and blocks B done. I’m working on the border blocks.


  1. Scrappy Stars – Just pick something and move forward on this
    Scrappy Stars Around the Corner
  2. Area Four Mystery Quilt – piece all the blocks together and figure out if you want a border or not.
    2012 Southern CA
    Quilt Run
    Area Four
    Mystery quilt
  3. Dancing with the Stars – start working on this again now that I’ve got more white fabric.
    Dancing with the Stars
    Linda Ballard
  4. Radiant Jewel Quilt by Kimberly Einmo – I’ve actually been working on this quilt a lot and I’m putting the blocks together. I get held up when it’s time to press but I am getting pretty far on this project.
  5. Gardenvale – which is what I’m calling my current WIP..
        1. Gardenvale
          by Moda

  6. Allietare –  Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt from 2015 – Clue 1
  7. Area Three Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilters Run – This is kitted up and I haven’t even looked at the instructions.

Now for Cross Stitch:

  1. Mama’s Bukid – Finished this! Goal was met for this one.
    Mama’s Bukid
    It’s finish!
  2. Gamer – Finish 6 pages. I finished 2 pages the last 3 months and I’m working on page 3 for the year.  I still do not think I’ll get 6 pages done for 2020 but I’m happy with my progress.
    Gamer Nouveau


I got a lot done this last quarter and maybe if I continue at this current pace I’ll be able to finish up the row.  I don’t know though, it’s a lot of stitching and I don’t want to burn myself out. I still love working on this piece but in June I was doing 100 stitches a day and I do not think I’ll be able to keep up the pace another month.

  1. A Stitch in Time – My goal is to work on this each month and I have been. I love working on this project but it is very slow. There is a lot of confetti everywhere and it’s slow going on this one.
    A Stitch In Time

    A Stitch In Time

    I finished a page on this and I also love working on it.  But this is 25 count and my eyes can work on it at certain times of the day. So I work a bit in the mornings when I’m able to.

  2. A Kiss for Snowman – I have not worked on this at all. This is my travel project but I haven’t been travelling so I haven’t done anything with it. I think what I will do is add this to my rotation and during the same week work on Gamer at the same time. I can do that because this is held in had while All the other projects are on frames.
  3. Mirabilia Titania – Added a new project to the rotation. Now that Mama’s Bukid is done, I decided to add another project to my rotation. This one is not nearly as complex as Gamer or A Stitch in Time as it is not full coverage and is not heavy on the confetti. There is beading and some back stitch but I think this is certainly doable. I feel like with Gamer and A Stitch in Time, having a small one like A Kiss for Snowman and this Mira will help me see movement when projects like A Stitch in Time go so slowly.

Titania – 5/25/2020

I do not have an updated picture for this. I’ll have to take one the next time I pull it out.

I’ll have to update you on the knitting and other crafts another time as this post is too long and it’s giving me a headache. 🙂

Craft on my friends.


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