Cross Stitch: HAEDs

Tsuru Kame
Artwork by: Haruyo Morita
Heaven and Earth Designs

HAED is Heaven and Earth Designs. Sometimes referred to as HAEDs for the plural version. If you are familiar with HAEDs, you’ll know this is another sort of crazy. Just like how I adore big quilts I enjoy big cross stitch. HAEDs are full coverage projects that can have over 100 different colors. This is the first HAED I ever bought and I bought a paper copy. Later Pattern Keeper came to be and I bought the PDF version so I could add it to PK. I’m still on the first page and probably at the 5th diagonal.  I’m in no rush to finish this project.  I believe I started this in December 2018 when I was up north visiting with family. It’s in a hoop so it was relatively portable.

Tsuru Kame
Designer: Haruyo Morita
Heaven and Earth Designs

Like my other HAEDs or full coverage pieces I am stitching on the diagonal using the park method.  I have recently stopped doing the waste method because the floss hanging off were driving me a bit insane. ok. Not insane but it wasn’t cute and I didn’t like it. I’m slowly removing the waste floss as I get to them and eventually all the floss left will be parked floss. This is on 25 count, 1×1.
I’ve been using an app on my phone called the Tiny Decisions app. If you watch Flosstube this isn’t new and a bunch of people use this when they don’t have a plan or can’t decide what to do next or want to work on projects at the spur of the moment without having to FEEL like working on it.  Anyway I have 8 started projects and I generally only work on about 4 of them during my rotation. Well I’ve been sad about not working on the others. And was a bit bored with my rotation. I wanted to work on something but didn’t know what.  So I entered all the projects onto my Tiny Decisions app and Tsuru Kame was the first project it selected.  My goal is to work on each project until I finish the diagonal. There are some projects that I don’t actually work on the diagonal so I’ll have to figure out those projects appropriately when I get to them.  But for now, here’s Tsuru Kame with another diagonal done. It took about 3-4 days to get through it.
~Happy Stitching!

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  1. Gorgeous design, I been stitching for over 26 years but haven’t done any HAED. To me they are all fantasy and I’m not really into it. this one is really pretty. I’d love to see it when you finished 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s so pretty its more like a tapestry. Thanks for the hint on the tiny decisions app, there are days when I need a nudge to work on something else.

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