Cross Stitch, progressing along

A Kiss for Snowman
A dimensions gold kit

I finally finished the cross stitch on this Dimensions kit. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. I still have to do the back stitch so that will come around at it’s next rotation. This is not my favorite WIP to work on.  It’s a 6″ square but there are a lot of blending floss together and using 1, 2, or 4 strands at a time so it took a lot of paying attention.  I’m really happy to have gotten the cross stitch done and I hope to get the back stitch finished soon as well.


I worked on Titania this week and got a few stitches done before I got bored and moved on. Most of my cross stitch I stitch to finish a diagonal but this is one of those exceptions. So I don’t think I get as much done because after a couple of days I want to move on.  I may have to count stitches on this one and make it so that I get a certain amount of stitches done when it comes up on the schedule.

Gamer Nouveau

And then I worked on Gamer and got another diagonal complete. This is my favorite project to work on. The kit is offered by GeckoRouge and the designer is Medusa Dollmaker. My goal for this year was 6 pages and I will have to check out where I was in the beginning of the year to figure out how much I got done. I would be really happy if I could finish the row this year.

Gamer Nouveau


Gamer Nouveau

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  1. Its interesting to see the contrast between these three projects. The subject matter and colors/shading and skill levels required, increasing as I scroll down the page. I’m really impressed with your stitching and talent, and for being able to get to the the next level, so to speak, of this craft.

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