How I did on my 2020 Crafty Plans

In case you want a reminder of my lofty 2020 goals, I wrote about my 2020 Crafty goals here for quilting… and here for cross stitch… and here for knitting and here for everything else

I always create lofty goals. And I try very hard not to beat myself up when I do not meet them all.  I believe accomplishing 50% of a lot of goals is better than accomplishing 100% of 1 goal.  I’m an overachiever. I acknowledge that. And it’s taken me a long time to be okay with not completing all my goals.  I just evaluate what I didn’t accomplish and revisit whether the goal is still something I want to accomplish. Then I either add it on to the next year or I don’t.

All the tops that are ready to be quilted are still in need of being quilted.  With the move and 2020, I have not felt motivated to tackle this new endeavor with the Q20.  It sits in my bedroom staring at me forlornly every day.

  1. Staycation – in the quilt queue.
  2. Good Fortune – in the quilt queue.
  3. Glam Clam – in the quilt queue.
  4. Scrappy Stars – I don’t even remember where I am with this. The last time I blogged about it, I was waiting on fabric. I know I have that fabric. I just don’t remember if I moved forward on this quilt.
  5. Area One Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilt Run – in the quilt queue.
  6. Area Four Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilt Run – this top is done and is in the quilt queue
  7. Dancing with the Stars by Linda Ballard – my daughter claimed this quilt last year (2020) and decided she wanted it to be a queen size so I figured out how many more blocks I needed to make. I started cutting and piecing them together so I’ve done a bit. But I ran out of one of the fabrics and do not have enough to make big enough. So I may do as much as I have and then add a bunch of borders.
  8. Radiant Jewel Quilt by Kimberly Einmo – this was a new start in 2020 and all the blocks are done. I’m saving this for my next retreat so I have a design wall to place blocks along with quilty friends to help me try out different layouts. I put a note on this saying that I’m working on the border blocks but I don’t remember what this is. So, I don’t know if I still need to do this, if it was done or what. In my head, I’m done and this is on hold for the next retreat (whenever that may be).

Pictures for you:

  1. Area Four Mystery Quilt –
SoCal Quilt Run 2012 Area 4 Mystery Quilt Kind of Sept, 2020

3. Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars
Linda Ballard

4. Gardenvale – which is what I’m calling my current WIP..

by Moda

5. Allietare –  Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt from 2015 – Clue 1 Area Three Mystery Quilt from 2012 SoCal Quilters Run – This is kitted up and I haven’t even looked at the instructions.

Now for Cross Stitch:

Mama’s Bukid – Finished this!

Mama’s Bukid It’s finish! 3/22/2020

Gamer – Finish 6 pages. I finished 3 pages in 2020

Gamer December 2019
Dec, 2020 5 Pages in Row 2 completed
  1. A Stitch in Time – My goal was to work on this each month. Some months more than others.
A Stitch In Time
A Stitch In Time
A Stitch In Time Aimee Stewart Heaven and Earth Designs 25 Count, 1×1 12/31/3030

The next cross stitch projects were not priority projects. But because A Kiss for Snowman was a small one at 6×6 inch square, I was able to finish it this year!

A Kiss for Snowman A dimensions gold kit 9/12/2020

Titania Mirabilia 12/2020
Dragonfly 9/25/2020
Northern Expression Shades of Rose 9/25/2020


Morning Sock Knitting. I knit 6 socks this year which is not a lot but I’m okay with that. I only do about 15 minutes every morning so 6 socks/year is it. The more complicated the sock the longer it takes. I need to track down pictures. ;0

Ricky’s Weasley Sweater – this is finished!

Weasley Sweater’s 12/25/2020 3 of 4 sweaters done! I’m starting mine in 2021

I’m not thrilled with how this came out but it’s fine for what it is. special sweater for him to wear every Christmas when we take our family Christmas picture. I will be starting mine this year 2021.

Fairy Hill Shawl – Finished

Fairy Hill Shawl Pattern by: Curious Handmade Finish! 2/13/2020
Fairy Hill Shawl Lace design in close up 02/2020

24 days of Christmas Shawl from Jimmy Bean- This is the shawl I started last December (2019) with my Advent Calendar I purchased from Jimmy Bean. It’s not done yet but I’m very close. Based on what I have left to do, I imagine this will be done in February. I love this shawl and this is my priority project right now.

Jimmy Bean Advent Calendar Shawl – 2019 Status as of 12/20/2020

Mix Wave Cowl – finished!

Mix Wave Cowl 9/12/2020

Water Lily

Water Lily Back 12/20/2020
Water Lily Front 12/20/2020

Water Lily is almost done and I anticipate that this will closely follow the Jimmy Bean Shawl in finishes for 2021.

Beanie for Kayla – My plan for 2020 was to alternate every row to finish off a skein of yarn with a new skein of yarn. But I totally forgot about this project. I have the yarn in my bin waiting for me to work on this project.

Tranquil Mist – started when I finished the Mix Wave cowl twice before this one. The first yarn was a bit variegated but was teal and black and I wasn’t happy with how the lace was coming out. So I ripped it back and started again with a new yarn. The second yarn was a silk and was so thin it didn’t look right. I got to chart 2 and then messed up. Finally I just ripped it all back and started again with a third yarn. I am loving how this is coming together now.

Tranquil Mist Finished Chart 1 2-3 rows into Chart 2 12/20/2020

~Happy Crafting!


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  1. You have had a really creative and productive year! So fun to see all your projects. They are gorgeous. I started following you when you had just started Mama’s Bukid, so it’s fun to see that finished!

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